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Everyone loves a good Christmas movie, and Apple TV+ released one of its own on November 18th. Lusty It is a musical starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. It received mixed reviews from audiences, especially those who watched the film at Regal Cinemas’ Mystery Movie Night in November expecting to see something else.

Lusty A creative twist on the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol in which ghosts and their jobs are the main focus of the movie. This holiday movie is reminiscent of those that came before it, so viewers love it Lusty You may find the fun in many other Christmas movies.

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A Christmas Carol (2009)

Streaming on Disney+

Image of Scrooge Jim Carrey looking frightened in Disney's A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge torments Victorian London, and at Christmas, he is visited by three ghosts who show him the error of his ways.

There are many dark adaptations of Charles Dickens Christmas carol. This movie is one of the scariest movies out there, but it still manages to be both comical and fantastic. Lusty It focuses more on ghosts and the afterlife institution they are a part of than the people they haunt, though Clint remains a prominent character. The original Scrooge has also made a significant appearance, once his identity is revealed.

Santa Claus (1994)

Streaming on Disney+

Santa Claus - Tim Allen as Scott Calvin and Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin

After Scott Calvin scares Santa to death, he mistakenly takes over. Although he does not believe in his new title, he begins to adopt the role of bonding with his son Santa Clause.

Scott Calvin and Clint Briggs hold similar hierarchical positions at their companies. They are interested in making money, but not much. It takes magic to change their ways and see life in a different light. Both films introduce the Christmas spirit to people of all ages. Santa Clause Is such a beloved classic, the wave of Hollywood nostalgia rebooted the franchise with the Disney+ original series. The first few episodes are now available to stream.

Elf (2003)

Streaming on HBO Max

Will Ferrell as Buddy and the Goblin waving at the Goblin

A boy growing up in the North Pole learns he’s not an elf, and travels to New York City to meet his biological father who just so happens to be on Santa’s naughty list. As Buddy the Elf, Will Ferrell brings great fun to the watchable movie.

dwarf It is probably the most beloved Christmas comedy of all time. The movie is incredibly hilarious, and several scenes have become a pop culture staple, from the mailroom strike and maple syrup spaghetti to spreading Christmas cheer by singing out loud for all to hear. Lusty Will not live up to it dwarfbut it’s great to watch Will Take This Kind Again.

Noel (2019)

Streaming on Disney+

Outside in the snow, Noel smiles at Noel

When Santa’s son and successor goes missing, Noelle must make a brave journey out of the North Pole to bring her brother home. Anna Kendrick is wonderfully quirky and perfect in her role as the titular character.

Noel is a fun movie that explores the corporate side of the Arctic, just like Lusty Focuses on the corporate world of the Ghosts of Christmas. Of course, everything goes wrong. Noel He sees the titular character’s cousin completely change the system, while Lusty He sees Clint outsmarting the ghosts and fleeing to the company’s magical quarters.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Streaming on Prime Video

George Bailey with a group of people in It's a Wonderful Life

George Bailey grows up to live a life he never thought possible, and when he wishes he had never been born, he realizes the impact he has on everyone he cares about.

It’s a wonderful life is classic. Those who have fun LustyIt’s more likely to be The Christmas Love Letter of 1946. The element of magic doesn’t appear until the third act, but those final forty-five minutes feature some of the most iconic and magical Christmas movie moments. In particular, the final scene involving the townspeople saving the bank and preventing George from going to jail is a beautiful one.

Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Streaming on HBO Max

The Grinch and Cindy Lou sleigh in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch, who despises everything about Christmas, plots to ruin the holiday for everyone in town, and instead learns about the true meaning of this special day. This is one of Jim Carrey’s most iconic characters, and it’s evident throughout killjoy Memes that flood the internet around the holidays.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is similar to Lusty in several ways. Both films are musical comedies that often go to exotic locations, and although their worlds are so different, Scrooge and the Grinch are very similar characters. They hate Christmas, but they hate people even more. They rip others off for their own good and learn a valuable lesson when they realize what the holiday is all about.

Daddy’s House 2 (2017)

Streaming on Paramount+

Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, and Ferrell will stand in the Christmas tree shop at Papa 2's house

Father’s house It explores the conflict between the biological father and stepfather. The sequel brings the blended family and grandparents together again, but for a shared Christmas experience.

When discussing Will Ferrell and the holiday genre, people often forget that Father’s house 2. He stars alongside Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, and Mel Gibson. The chemistry between the parents is great, just like Will’s chemistry with Ryan Reynolds Lusty. The movie gets dark at times, but the humor and heart behind it make for a great watch. Will eventually has a musical number that brings the family and many stranded families back together.

Polar Express (2004)

Streaming on HBO Max

A train conductor talking to a child in the Polar Express

A boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus is picked up by a train heading to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. He’s brought on this journey that brings him back in the Christmas spirit.

Tom Hanks plays a large number of characters pole clarification. This animated masterpiece gives his voice a chance to shine. It’s not just his inclusion that makes this movie great. Many families have Christmas traditions that revolve around this movie, and the movie is famous for its iconic winter drink. LustyThe excellent musical number in the middle of the movie, “Good Afternoon” is similar to “Hot Chocolate” from pole clarification. Both songs are considered to be the best part of their respective movie and they keep the audience excited.

Family Guy (2000)

Stream on Peacock

Jack serenades Kate on her birthday in Family Guy

When Jack gets the chance to see what his life would be like if he stayed with his college girlfriend, he realizes he made the biggest mistake when he left her. family man.

family manone of Nicolas Cage’s best films, a magical Christmas movie with a similar existential struggle Lusty. However, where he shows Clint his past, present, and future, Jack is only introduced to his present, but takes place in an alternate universe where he and his college girlfriend are staying together. family man It features some outdated and problematic themes, but it succeeds in its message and is a great watch for fans of Ryan’s latest film.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

Streaming on Netflix

Young Jeronicus and Jessica have invented something in his laboratory in Jingle Jangle

A girl with an imaginative mind meets her grandfather for the first time. She and a new friend search for one of his stolen inventions to save his shop and his pride.

starring Forest Whitaker and Keegan Michael Key, Jingle Jangle: The Christmas Journey is the heartwarming Netflix original Christmas movie. This movie is probably the most similar to Lusty About the great and wonderful musical numbers. The aesthetic is closely linked, especially when Clint visits Victorian London with The Ghost of Christmas Past. While the look and feel are the same, jingle jingle More suitable for children than Lusty. Those looking for a movie similar to the Ryan Reynolds / Will Ferrell movie to show their kids can look no further. Even grown adults will have fun.

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