10 Scariest Clones / Doppelgängers in Movie History

If major films are multi-theme like Spider-Man: There is no room for home And the Everything everywhere at once Is any indication, audiences have never been more hungry for novels featuring doppelgängers and/or the cloning process. Fortunately for them, almost every genre from science fiction to drama has touched upon comedy and, of course, horror, the subject matter.

With the advent of CGI, it’s easier to impress clones and doppelgängers in front of the camera, but they aren’t always as friendly as Duncan Jones’ Sam Rockwell’s the moon. Instead, many come in the form of enemies, especially in terror. But there are exceptions to every “rule,” and just as not all horror movies are straightforward horror movies, not every clone is a roaring body snatcher or reborn cinema icon.

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10/10 Matthew Bennell in Body Thieves’ Invasion (1978)

1978 edition of Invasion of corpse thieves It managed to become one of the best classic science fiction films of all time, far superior to its still solid predecessor. Not easy.

It also contains what is arguably the most chilling final moment of mainstream American horror. Veronica Cartwright’s Nancy Pelicic gets close to protagonist Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland). He is unresponsive at first, but this was also the strategy to avoid the kidnappers. But he does not use any strategy, which is not the same at all. Matthew’s jaw droops, and he emits the same piercing shriek as his new brethren.

9/10 Helen in Possession (1981)

While it could easily be one of Sam Neill’s best untitled movies Jurassic ParkAnd the Property It features a chilling performance by Isabel Adjani, who is a force in her dual role. The plot follows Neil’s spy, Mark, and his wife Anna. Anna receives him after an assignment with divorce papers, but it is her increasingly strange behavior that proves the concern the most. Adding to Mark’s confusion is their son’s new teacher, who looks just like his wife saving a new eye color.

Property Not a movie for the faint of heart, and it goes to some pretty weird places. But it is also filled with terrifying and beautiful images, even as an anthropomorphic monster lies in a blood-soaked bed. As for the monster, the shiny monster itself ends up being a movie-goer, and that’s for Mark.

8/10 thing in thing (1982)

The remake may feature some of the worst uses of CGI in horror (or any other genre), but the perfect 1982 John Carpenter original features perhaps. The The worst version of the clone committed to the public consciousness. Each alien variation uniquely burns memory, with teeth and eyes coming from areas that don’t make sense when viewed through the lens of rationality.

Whether it’s a Palmer Thing or Blair Thing, the alien takes on some remarkably weird (and impeccably old) shapes. if the thing It doesn’t have the most terrifying doppelgängers, at least it has the most disgusting ones.

7/10 Reproduction of Carol Malone in Body Hijackers (1993)

Abel Ferrara corpse snatchers It’s a good update on the story of people using the capsule in the ’90s, but it’s mostly overlooked under the rug. However, Meg Tilly’s performance as Carol Malone is really committed and gorgeous. She is a mostly silent woman who is dragged with her new husband into a military base (where people tend to be silent with or without an alien invasion).

corpse snatchers It is a strange film that manages to stand apart from the previous adaptations. Switching to a military base is clever, but it’s the shows that really sell the movie. And even with Forest Whitaker on the cast, no one can beat Tilly, who makes Carol Malone scary even before she turns.

6/10 The Holly Gooding Twins in Doppelgänger (1993)

Similar…a similar person Not the best movie in Drew Barrymore’s career, but it does have one feature of the baddie’s hands-on influences. Barrymore portrays Holly Gooding, who moves across the country after being accused of a murder she didn’t commit. It claims to be the work of a doppelgänger. But Patrick, her new companion in New York, starts noticing some escalating behavior, and soon after, he wonders if a copy ever existed.

By the end of the film, it is revealed that there is a little doppelgänger and more of a split personality. However, Holly is no ordinary case, not only is she lightened by her doctor, but she also has a sucking twin, and partially formed Holly doesn’t like a good doctor.

5/10 Ripley 8 in Alien: Resurrection (1997)

Sigourney Weaver is an actor who instantly connects people with one character, and that character is alienEileen Ripley. Of course, Weaver is one of the most famous and respected artists of her generation, but she has no destiny working girls or year living in dangerMovies of the sort can detract from the influence of a Nostromo crew member.

However, there is just something about Ripley 8 in Alien: Resurrection. From the very first moment, the viewer is fully aware that this is not the Ripley they have seen dump a Xenomorph into space, save a young girl from a strange queen, or throw herself back into a molten pit to stop the spread of Xeno. That’s because she’s a rerun, and while she does have trace amounts of Ripley’s character, she’s more of a disturbing physical copy than an original clone.

4/10 Alice clone in Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

The concept of cloning protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich) struck chaos vampire Early film series. In fact, the third movie basically closed, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Its follow-up, which saw director Paul W.S. Anderson return to the franchise, then opened with the same. Alice and her clone are attacking Umbrella HQ, and it’s as if they are Avengers If all the Avengers looked the same.

Umbrella is a quintessential company, so the fact that Alice and her clones can do real damage to her is both impressive and an indication that she’s a force to be reckoned with. The average person wouldn’t need to worry about Alice, but a corrupt scientist or a greedy CEO would have the right to sweat.

3/10 Kane Clone in Annihilation (2018)

Alex Garland sci-fi horror movie extermination It features the dynamite lead performance of Natalie Portman, but it still fails to make an imprint at the box office. Moreover, it divided viewers, but even critics had to admit that “The Shimmer” (aka Quarantine Zone Containing Alien Life) was fantastic, and the ideas in play were impressive.

The plot mostly follows Lena Portman, a biology professor and veteran who leads a team to “The Shimmer.” There are many doppelgängers in extermination, and Lena’s first husband was, Ken (Oscar Isaac). However, before the movie ends, there’s more than a good chance that Lena herself will face the same imitative fate.

2/10 Red in the US (2019)

Film Year Two, directed by Jordan Peele. wesucceeded in being almost as impressive as his first work, Get out. A major achievement, given that a debut could hold a fair claim to the title of the best horror movie of its decade. we Not exactly brilliant, but it’s one of the best mainstream horror movies to date.

Lupita Nyong’o does double duty as Adelaide Wilson and “Bound” Red. “Tethered” is a word in the movie that refers to a doppelgänger, and it turns that concept into something on a global scale. we Resembles corpse snatchers If the capsule people can take over within 24 hours with the right leader.

1/10 Sarah Double In Double (2022)

One of the best movies of 2022 under watch, Double Karen Gillan appears in the roles of both a woman diagnosed with a terminal illness and the version who commissions her to lessen her family’s grief. Gillan is magnetic on screen, and she brings a redundant personality to a character who has mostly isolated herself from the world.

Double Not quite a horror movie so much as a dystopian sci-fi, but a dystopian movie can be scary in its own right. and in Double, Gillan Sarah has thrown everything in her path. And that’s even before she’s forced to fight her clone to death.

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