10 Sci-Fi Novels That Deserve a Movie Adaptation, According to Reddit

Success Andorthe new star Wars The series, airing on Disney+, is another indication that speculative fiction, science fiction in particular, is having a moment. In both movies and television, viewers want to see wonderful (and sometimes disturbing) visions of the future and other planets.

Some of the most notable science fiction and television films are, of course, adaptations of the novels, from the novel by Frank Herbert. Dune by Isaac Asimov Establishment. However, as Reddit users have pointed out, there are a number of other great science fiction novels that are ready for adaptation.

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10/10 Red spike – Pierce Brown

In addition to being the golden age of science fiction, this is also a great period for fantasy and dystopian films. There are, in fact, a number of great movies out there already. Pierce Brown red spikewhich focuses on a miner named Daro as he tries to escape his bleak existence as a miner, appears full of possibilities on screen.

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Lightsongtheold believes that “red spike It could make a great franchise for a big studio.” Indeed, with its skillful mix of action and scathing social commentary, this is the kind of book that could make an exciting and engaging screen adaptation.

9/10 The Mars Trilogy – Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is truly one of the giants working in science fiction today. for him Mars The trilogy is especially respected, as it follows a group of characters as they settle on the planet Mars. It’s sprawling in scope but intimate in detail, which is a testament to what the genre can achieve.

Isaachwells writes: “I feel like KSR The Mars Trilogy As a 3-season series it would be good too.” In the right hands, and with a studio willing to invest enough money to make sure every book in the series gets its own season, it could turn out to be one of the best science fiction TV series.

8/10 Jacob’s Ladder – Elizabeth Berg

Science fiction Elizabeth Beer, like the best that the genre has to offer, manages to combine thoughtful explorations of the world of the possible with social commentary. In which Jacob’s ladder Trilogy, the ship’s inhabitants must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred or risk annihilation.

Sardia Falls says of a potential adaptation: “Elizabeth Berr Jacob’s ladder The trilogy feels like it would translate into film in a very nice way, and it’s not so incredibly dense as many classics make it difficult to adapt.” Given how difficult science fiction novel and conceptual intensity are at times to translate into understandable film form, this sets Behr’s work apart from many from other business.

7/10 Hyperion Cantos – Dan Simmons

Cantus Hyperion By Dan Simmons is a rich and multi-layered novel series. The first book in the series is told in style Canterbury Tales And while this can present some challenges when it comes to adaptation, it can also lead to some great storytelling on screen.

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ResoluteClover writes: “I really like the way they did it Establishment So far I’d love to see something similar to Hyperion. “Looking at how far Establishment It has become one of the best series on Apple TV+, and it’s easy to see how a talented team of writers and a big budget can do justice to Simmons’ visionary work.

6/10 Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke is one of those who can rightly be seen as a giant of the science fiction genre. Among other things, he wrote 2001: space flightIt is the basis of one of the best science fiction films of all time. as was the case with 2001Rendezvous with Rama is also a challenging novel, but that is exactly what makes it a compelling piece of fiction, interacting as it does with the stranger and the unknown.

However, as AP PeacefulWarrior notes: “The writer will need to do a lot of work, making it a compelling film/show.” However, given the success of Apple TV + in adaptation Establishmentwhich is similarly intense work, this is something that can certainly be achieved in the right hands.

5/10 Dirty in God’s Eyes – Larry Niven and Jerry Burnell

Like many of the best science fiction stories, The mote in God’s eye It is actually a biblical allusion (in this case to the proverb “The Mote and the Beam.”) and like the best this genre has to offer, it explores what happens when humanity comes into contact with other species.

Radioactive_Isot0pe writes: “I just started reading this one and am really enjoying it. I was just thinking it would be a great movie or TV show.” If this movie is ever adapted, it could join other great sci-fi movies that also imagined the confrontation between two different genres.

4/10 The Sparrow – Mary Doria Russell

Mary Doria Russell sparrow It is a fascinating exploration of the intersection between science fiction, faith and philosophy. Rich and subtle in its narrative, it centers on a Jesuit missionary who embarks on a mission to explore a distant planet.

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Isaachwells is particularly excited about adapting this, writing: “sparrow By Mary Doria Russell It might be cool.” In the hands of a skilled director, it could be one of those science fiction films that pushes audiences to think differently about the world around them and their place in it.

3/10 Sight – Peter Watts

Some science fiction novels are smarter than others. This is certainly the case with sight Which, among other things, probes the nature of consciousness. As such, it is one of those works that uses the conventions of the genre to explore new and sometimes unknown territories.

EntangledTime writes of a potential adaptation: “Same and I want Villeneuve to direct it. I think it’s a story he’ll care about and get it out of the park.” Given how skilled Villeneuve has already proven to adapt to the sprawling works of science fiction, it’s easy to see how he would excel at such a project.

2/10 Chanor’s Pride – CJ Cherryh

The name CJ Cherryh has long been synonymous with speculative fiction. Much of her work is rich and complex, evoking new worlds and races. This is especially true Shanur’s Pride And other books in her series, which truly immerse the reader in another world.

Neon_Otyugh puts it this way: “Most of them are females in motion capture suits (with one exception). Surely no one worked the cats will participate. Iggy Pop will be the voice of Cunin.” This kind of work certainly lends itself to a visually stunning genre of sci-fi movie, something similar to it. symbol picture Which, whatever its flaws, is an undeniable piece of the movie’s charm.

1/10 Dahlgren – Samuel R Delaney

Samuel R Dahlgren It is a wonderful, mysterious and challenging book, but for all these reasons, it truly is one of the greatest works in the genre. Focusing on a city affected by a disaster, it features a main character known simply as “The Child.”

Bob999 wrote: “I would love to see an adaptation of the miniseries Dahlgren. The road is too long and complicated for a movie, but the extra hours (along with a skilled editor) can help pick up this great book.” As challenging as it may be, there is no doubt that the book’s television adaptation would do much to pay The genre as a whole is in some cool new directions.

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