A former Twitter employee, a cancer survivor, is suing the company after Elon Musk targeted remote work, claiming the sudden policy change was discriminatory.

  • A former Twitter employee with a disability has filed a class action lawsuit against the company.
  • The former employee claimed that Elon Musk’s shift in the company’s remote work policy was discriminatory.
  • In the lawsuit, he also claimed that promises made when Musk bought Twitter were not kept.

A Twitter engineer is suing over Elon Musk’s radical change to remote work in one of his first moves after he bought the beleaguered company.

Dmitry Borodenko, the plaintiff who filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday, said in the complaint that his disability prevents him from working in the office. He claimed the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s Fair Housing and Employment Act after he was promised to continue working remotely as Musk sought to buy the company.

After Musk’s purchase, he cut the company’s staff from about 7,500 to 3,000 as of Thursday. Employees who stayed at work reported working more than 80 hours a week and sleeping in the office. Musk encouraged workers to be “very tough” going forward.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Musk did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

“One of the promises was that employees would be able to continue to work remotely, for at least a year after Musk’s acquisition of the company,” the lawyers wrote in the complaint. “This promise has been made to employees over and over again by managers, the CEO, and other employees.”

But after Musk bought Twitter at the end of October, Borodenko claimed the promise had changed and he was wrongly terminated soon after.

“Let me be absolutely clear, if people don’t come back to the office when they should be able to go back to the office — they can’t stay at the company,” Musk said during a meeting on Nov. 10, according to ABC News. On Thursday, Musk appeared to adjust the remote work change, saying employees can still get approval from their managers to work remotely if they do “extraordinary work” in their managers’ eyes, according to The Washington Post.

Borodaenko, formerly the company’s engineering director, said he had been working there remotely since June 2021. According to the suit, after Elon’s comments on Nov. 10, he wrote to his manager asking for advice.

In case I didn’t mention it before, like [a] A cancer survivor, I am at higher risk from covid (also considered a disability), so I am definitely not working from [the] office until the pandemic is over,” Borodenko wrote during the recession, according to the lawsuit.

In addition, Borodaenko claimed in the lawsuit that he was not given any information on how to request an exception to residency. And days after Musk requested remote work, on November 15, he said he received a chilling email from human resources on Twitter.

“Hi, we regret to inform you that your employment has been terminated effective immediately. Your recent conduct violated company policy,” the letter in the lawsuit read.

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