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Mayor Mike Spano told Business Journals during an interview that a preliminary review is underway by city officials of a proposal to build a third film and television production campus in Yonkers and is expected to suggest proposals to build additional studios in the city.

Lionsgate Studios is already operating on National Resources’ iPark Hudson near the Metro-North train station in downtown Yonkers. It was built and managed by Great Point Studios, headed by film and television industry veteran Robert Helmy. There is another Great Point Studios complex under construction for the former Rising Ground property on Hawthorne Street, not far from Lionsgate. The 32-acre campus will include a public school offering media production courses to students in grades six through twelve.

The city has begun an initial review of plans for a third film and television production, this campus in the northwest section of the city near the border with Hastings-on-Hudson and adjacent to Robert Martin’s South Westchester Executive Park. The street address of the project is 1050 North Broadway and the developer is iPark Broadway I LLC. The project was called North Broadway Studios.

The proposed film studio screening is at 1050 North Broadway in Yonkers.

A document on file with Westchester County Clerk’s office shows that RMC Development Company LLC, which has an address in the care of Robert Martin’s Elmsford Company, sold the plot of land at 1050 North Broadway to iPark Broadway LLC for $10.5 million.

North Broadway Studios’ plan calls for a three-story, 183,000-square-foot building that will contain three acoustic stages, office space, editing rooms, makeup and dressing rooms, space for building landscaping, and additional support facilities. Two of the theaters will be 20,000 square feet and the third 10,000 square feet. The complex will be on an area of ​​4.38 acres. There will be 238 parking spaces.

MEDIAPRO, a global film, television and audio-visual company, will occupy the entire studio complex. MEDIAPRO currently operates in 35 countries on four continents. It has been operating in the US for about 25 years and has production centers in Miami and New York. She collaborates with many notable names in entertainment, including HBO, Netflix, Amazon, DirectTV, Fox, Viacom and Disney. The products she has participated in have won Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys.

According to a document submitted to Yonkers, the total estimated development cost of the North Broadway Studios project is $16.5 million and will create 100 construction jobs. Upon completion, there will be 100 full-time employees on site along with 30 part-time employees.

Spano said there is interest from the film and television industry in building additional film and television studios in Yonkers. He said it would be inappropriate for him to name the names at this point.

“There is active interest,” Spano said. Hopefully (announcement) very soon. We were told early on when we got to City Hall from the Governor’s Film Office that Yonkers really must be Burbank and at the time I needed to get an education and I needed to know what we were doing wrong. There were a number of things we did wrong in the city that we changed. When we did that, our expectation was that we’d get more industry to get into the city and actually movies or TV shows.”

Spano said the opening of Lionsgate and other studio projects now in development are very exciting for the city and have already served to cement its reputation.

“This is something we have to show off,” Spano said. “It’s something people are happy to hear. It’s a very positive thing about Junkers.”

Spano recalled that in the past when people mentioned Junkers, they would think of the Otis Elevator, the Junkers Racetrack, or the Alexander Smith Carpet Factory as city landmarks.

Now they will say, ‘Younkers – Hollywood on the Hudson River,’ said Spano.

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