Bones and All Film Star says the film showcases the struggles of young people

Bones and everything A movie that reveals a strange kind of bloody love bond.

A romantic story always has some form of struggle or struggle. The Bones and everything The movie is no different. In this movie, viewers will experience a new level of sharing a common hobby that is hard to comprehend.

The Bones and everything male movie star f Dune Star Timothée Chalamet gives viewers an idea of ​​what to expect from the movie. for beginners, Bones and everything The film is a story about lovers Marin and Lee, who decide to embark on a road trip across America while resisting their urge to immerse themselves in human flesh.

Bones and all films shock audiences with their cannibal touch

An unusual mix of horror and romance, Bones and everything The film features two seemingly normal teenagers romantically linked and preparing to go on a journey and fight their cannibalism. While this shocks every viewer, its director, Luca Guadagnino, said that was not the point of the film. This is what Guadagnino said in an interview with Slash movie.

“We never wanted to look for shock value at all. We wanted it to be consistent with the nature of the movie as a kind of morality tale in which you can see the struggle these characters go through in terms of their nature, and how they can overcome it or not. That’s what we did.”

Guadagnino has stated a universal truth in storytelling and character development, and explained that being an outsider is also another theme explored in Bones and everything Movie:

“I think in one way or another, all of us, at a moment in our lives, are alien to something. I think that’s a very universal theme. I hope people see that.”

One way or another, the Bones and everything The movie should offer more than just cannibalistic feasts and the hair-raisingly graphic and explicit slasher content usually seen in horror movies. The film also shows how to deal with inner demons and the challenges of accepting and conquering them.

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What to watch out for in the movie

While this movie is too gory for a love story, Guadagnino maintains that this is still a love story. At its core, the film is about self-discovery while traversing the journey of life. In a behind-the-scenes clip that was recently released, Chalamet shares a glimpse into the role he’ll be playing.

“My character is probably self-stylised as an outsider who is his identity in the new Maren. They are almost trying to figure out if their new partner is safe.”

Chalamet’s words refer to how Marin and Lee can explore uncharted areas of trust and their deep relationships of vulnerability with each other. His lyrics also refer to the struggles of young people in finding their rightful place in the world. This just means it Bones and everything The movie is not just an ordinary horror movie.

“I think it’s a road love movie inspired by the weight we carry now as a younger generation,” Chalamet said of Bones and All. This is consistent with his previous words during Venice Film Festival That “societal collapse is in the air” because young people are so dependent on social media.

This will be the second time that Timothée Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino have collaborated on a project. Chalamet started in Guadadgnino, an adaptation of André Aciman’s novel Call Me By Your Name. The 2017 film won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. It also paved the way for Chalamet’s career in Hollywood.

Bones and everything There will definitely be more to the movie than meets the eye. It will be a story of eerie horrors that cover other elements of life. Watch the movie in cinemas on November 23.

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