Clerks 3: 10 Duologies that deserves a third movie

Sixteen years after the previous installment and twenty-eight years after its first, Kevin Smith’s saga of convenience is finally coming to an end with 3 . clerks. Although it took clerks Nearly three decades to achieve what it took the Lord of the Rings And the Back to the future Trilogy less than a fraction of that time, a third movie that was never made.

Everyone loves a good movie trilogy, and while there have been many that have been successful enough to warrant multiple sequels, there are some that haven’t been able to transcend their status as a duo. Some sequels are better off not being made at all, while others leave audiences longing for more years after their release, but which movie duets still feel incomplete and deserve more than a third outing?

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10/10 National Treasure (2004, 2007)

With these exciting adventures and secrets surrounding American history, as well as attaching the name of Nicolas Cage, Disney national treasure Seems like something should have had more sequels by this point. Although the sequel I managed to get the original total out (via CinemaBlendWith more than $100 million, a third movie has yet to go into production.

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Capabilities National Treasure 3 It’s been a topic of debate among both fans and filmmakers over the years, but updates regarding the status of its development oscillate between active and passive. With the TV show, National Treasure: Edge of History, set to premiere in December, a third movie appears to be more likely now.

9/10 Blade Runner (1982, 2017)

the original Blade Runner From Ridley Scott has long been considered one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. Many of her fans were skeptical about the idea of ​​a sequel, especially after 35 years, but against all odds, director Denis Villeneuve made a follow-up that they just happened to love just as much. Blade Runner 2049.

while both Blade Runner The films weren’t exactly box office successes, the duo’s reputation and cult following were enough to ensure further continuity, like the midquel anime series. Blade Runner: Black Lotus. With that in mind, a third movie might not be completely out of the question, but for now, its fans will only have to accept the franchise’s TV offerings.

8/10 Hellboy (2004, 2008)

Guillermo Del Toro’s creativity was more than evident in his edits in my film Hellboy Comic books. Del Toro had always planned to make a trilogy of films, according to inverse, But despite the warm welcome from critics and satisfactory box office returns for the first two films, his vision for a third film remains unfulfilled.

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Despite the constant call from fans and pressure from Del Toro, Universal Studios was eventually canceled Hellboy 3development. However, if the 2019 reboot’s commercial failure is any indication, it appears that the fan base’s demand for del Toro’s conclusion remains strong.

7/10 Kill Bill (2003, 2004)

Martial Arts Epic by Quentin Tarantino, kill BillIt wasn’t originally meant to be split in half, but doing so allowed the film to tell its story without cutting anything out. After telling such a full and comprehensive story, a third part may seem superfluous, but there is still a chance that it will happen, as Tarantino raised the prospect of a volume release. 3 on more than one occasion.

The director has directed nine films and has consistently said that his tenth will be his last, and has even teased the film more as a possible candidate for his last film (via Movieweb). Chapter 3 may not be necessary, but if done right, Tarantino has the potential to have one of the greatest movie trilogy of all time.

6/10 Gremlins (1984, 1990)

the original Gremlins From 1984 is not only one of the most popular horror movies of all time, but it is also widely regarded as one of the classic Christmas movies. The sequel that followed six years later went in an unexpected direction as a dysfunctional satire, treating itself as a live-action animation with off-the-wall silliness. Although ambitious, the sequel failed to do as well as the first film did at the box office.

After nearly three decades since then new batchI felt like the fans had seen another GremlinsBut it looks like the franchise is about to make a comeback. An animated series called Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai From Cartoon Network to premiere in 2023, it seems that original movie star, Zach Galligan, is confident that a third movie is still in production at the end.

5/10 The Incredibles (2004-2018)

Directed by Brad Bird, The Incredibles Not only is it one of Pixar’s greatest accomplishments, it’s also a movie that kids in the early 2000s have a huge nostalgia for, and one that’s highly respected among anime fans. Despite the movie’s popularity, the sequel didn’t come along quickly, with director Brad Bird claiming he wouldn’t make one unless he came up with a story he thought was better than the first (via

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After 14 years, fans finally got their wish for a sequel, and with the way it’s expanded the world by introducing a slew of new characters, it’s only left them wanting more. Unfortunately, as exciting as the potential The Incredibles 3 It might seem that, given Bird was in no hurry to get the sequel, audiences probably won’t be holding their breath for it happening anytime soon.

4/10 Conan the Barbarian (1982, 1984)

Of all the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger roles that deserve a return to the big screen, revenge Conan the Barbarian She is a long-awaited one. While the first film and its sequel have achieved cult classic status since their single releases, neither of them has been able to reach the level of financial success the studio had hoped for.

Although the 2011 reboot bombed at the box office, its failure re-ignited audience interest in the original ideology, and with Schwarzenegger’s latest revenge for his role from finisher The franchise, fans are convinced he can still pull off another brand Konan Movie. However, the likelihood of that happening is still uncertain, as issues with rights have gotten in the way, according to CinemaBlend.

3/10 Sherlock Holmes (2009, 2011)

In 2009, Guy Ritchie brought the legendary detective Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the big screen in a new way with Sherlock HolmesStarring Robert Downey Jr. as a titular character alongside Jude Law as Watson. Its critical and commercial success led to a sequel that followed two years later, which achieved roughly the same kind of reception.

Given how busy Downey Jr. was playing Iron Man (almost exclusively) from 2014 to 2019, combined with the setbacks of the pandemic, it’s perhaps no surprise that a third movie took so long to be produced. With Downey Jr now freed from the Marvel commitment and replacing Richie, Dexter Fletcher, providing an upbeat update on Part Two, it feels more possible than ever, but it’s only a matter of time.

2/10 Jump Street (2012, 2014)

In its initial release, 21 Jump StreetThe satirical film is based on the 1990s crime drama of the same name and quickly became one of the most popular comedies of the 2000s. sequel 22 Jump Street, It managed to achieve even greater success, with many considering it one of the few supplements better than the first.

23 Jump Street It was provoked after the sequel was released but never materialized. It almost paid off a few times: cross with Men in black according to Moviewebbut the former was eventually scrapped while the latter is still stuck in development hell.

1/10 Pacific Rim (2013, 2018)

Another Guillermo Del Toro movie, pacific rimThe premise of giant robots battling giant monsters has been a huge draw for fans and has earned a loyal following. However, the film’s sequel, with del Toro organizing the producer’s credit, failed to achieve the same financial success and was considered by critics and audiences to be inferior to the first film.

The sequel’s mixed reception and disappointing return at the box office may have hampered the third film’s chances, but another sequel may be just what the franchise needs to redeem itself. Unfortunately, according to SlashfilmDel Toro has no plans to work on another sequel.

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