Critics are divided over more than just Gotham Knights performance on PS5

Gotham Knights has turned out to be a surprisingly divisive title, with sentiment apparently changing since we learned that despite the PS4 release being abandoned, the game will only run at 30 frames per second on PS5. This, in turn, would become a more prominent topic within the PlayStation community once we learned that A Plague Tale: Requiem, too, would hit 30 frames per second. But frame rate isn’t everything, and Gotham Knights is more than just a technical performance.

Well, the comments are there, opinions about it are all over the store, and surprisingly for a AAA game. The PS5 version of Gotham Knights currently sits at a critic score of 69 on aggregate review site Metacritic. With distal scores ranging from 95 to 40, there’s something going on here that carries the anatomy even deeper.

Liam Croft of Push Square enjoyed the game, giving it a 7/10 in his review, which you can read up on or see our full thoughts on the matter. He wrote that Gotham Knights features “an excellent story with top-notch directing and a fun combat system, with lots of unnecessary and confusing mechanics installed on top. If you can get past them, there’s a really great game here.”

Game Informer’s Matt Miller similarly felt, scoring the game 7.25, and noted, “The Gotham Knights didn’t amaze me with their all-too-familiar goals, fights, and activities, but they didn’t leave me sour. It’s fun to control some of the new game heroes as they contemplate Gotham from the overhanging building They uncovered hidden plots against its people.”

At the bottom end, IGN’s Travis Northup awarded it 5/10, writing that “Gotham Knights are a consistently disappointing return to the turbulent city of Batman and a distinctive step back from the past decade of Batman games,” and that “of inconsistent frame rates, for the poor story , for the one-note combat that is rarely good, there was always something going wrong to make sure I didn’t suffer the triumphant comeback with my friends by my side that I had envisioned.”

VGC’s Jordan Midler praised the game, giving it a 4/5, writing: “Gotham Knights provide the blueprint for a world of great Batman-verse games outside of Arkham. While it may not reach the heights of the Rocksteady series in some aspects, the ways it excels in Narrative and character development, or in some cases superseding, the Arkham series, proving that she deserves, fittingly, that she deserves to wear the bonnet.”

Finally, GamesRadar+’s Josh West also scored the score 5/10, noting that “there’s a compelling gameplay in Gotham Knights, but it’s hidden behind a chaotic user experience, needless crafting and customization systems, and combat mechanics thinly stretched to accommodate four heroes.”

What we take away from these different opinions is that there is something undeniably at the core of Gotham Knights that may be muddled by technical hiccups. At the end of the day, only you can tell if that’s going to be a deal breaker in terms of your enjoyment or not. But for what it’s worth, we think there are enough good things here to warrant throwing the dice.

Will you catch the Gotham Knights? Can you think of another game that has done the entire series significantly in terms of review scores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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