Cyberpunk 2077: This ‘Grenade’ Build Will Completely Change Combat

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Most builds in Cyberpunk Aim at all-too-familiar concepts: pirates in disguise, indomitable punching machines, frighteningly accurate snipers, samurai-wielding katana killer speed, and many more. These are all fun ways to play for sure, but if you want something that shows off the clever choices in skill trees while still needing a bit of shooting to get it right, building “grenades” is something you should try.

While the happy incidents of the intense crossfire of Night City made me pretty sure you could shoot a bullet into a grenade for an early blast, A recent video from KhrazeGaming YouTube channel He emphasized that it was possible by showing how this simple in-game combat evasiveness can become the basis for the entire character concept. This particular setup starts around 5:32 on the video. KhrazeGaming has also fallen ill Edgerunners– Inspiration David Martinez Build It We talked about it before.


Shooting grenades into the air may be the central attraction of this design, but there’s a lot of flexibility around this, making it an ideal free-to-play gameplay for other builds if you’ve got the vortices, perks, and skill points to spare. KhrazeGaming recommends getting the “Jackpot” perk in the geometry tree, as well as other perks that damage grenades. But we can get past that. Overall, you will invest in feedback and technical ability (engineering) to get the most out of this build.

Cyber ​​implants that affect time and which ones have them

Screenshot of an in-game menu in Cyberpunk 2077 showing electronic implants.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

As shown in the KhrazeGaming video, you should be able to slow down the time to get the most out of this concept. There are quite a few options when it comes to bullet time Cyberpunk It stems from cybernetics.

One of the most common is Kerenzikov software implantation. This will slow down the time when you aim, block, or attack sights while sliding or dribbling. It comes in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants, which sell for 4,000, 6000, 10,000, 16,000, and 28,000, respectively. Common and Uncommon variants have no statistic requirements, but for Rare, Epic, and Legendary, you’ll need 12, 15, and 18 Reflex points, respectively. Kerenzikov from the following Ripperdocs can be found at these sites:

  • Popular (time slowed by half by 1.5 seconds): All ripperdocs editors (that don’t sell higher level versions)
  • Uncommon (time slows by 60 percent for 1.8 seconds): Japantown, Rocky Ridge, Rancho Coronado, Arroyo, Westwind Estate
  • Rare (time slows by 70% for 2 seconds): Arroyo, Wellsprings, Downtown
  • Epic (time slowed by 80 percent for 2.5 seconds): Springs
  • Legendary (time slowed by 90% for 3.5 seconds): Arroyo

You can also invest in a Synaptic Accelerator implant that slows down the time when you are being spotted. But given the way you might not go to sneak a building of this type, this may or may not be desirable. It might also be worth looking for the reflex tuner, which slows the time in half by two seconds when your health is a quarter of maximum.

Some other great options include any of the Sandevistan OS implants. The advantage here is that it allows you to slow down time by holding down E rather than being tied to a specific action set or scenario like the others. All of these have varying time-span stats along with other bonuses like swipe-chance buffs and damage, so you’ll want to check what works for your device.

to maximize your Sandevistan bullet timeSearch for Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.1 or 3, or any of the Zetatech OS implants. You may also want to use an Overclocked processor mod and/or a heatsink module to extend the juice effect and reduce the cooldown respectively.

This isn’t the only cybernetics to consider to build a stunt. The Arroyo ripperdoc’s maneuvering system implant requires a score of 14 in Reflexes, but will allow you to perform dribbling in the air. Reinforced ankles can also enhance your mobility, giving you more angles for throwing grenades and pulling sick shots.

The rare version of the Fortified Ankles requires a score of 12 Street Cred (purchase from Viktor Vektor waives Street Cred req), and is available from all but two shredded documents (Downtown and Wellsprings don’t). This will allow you to press the jump button to get a boost to the maximum jump height. In general, this makes the game much easier, but it will also allow you to get an advantage point for throwing grenades and shooting skillful shots.

The epic version of Fortified Ankles is where the fun begins. Only fingers in Japantown have this variant of transplantation (so, you know, don’t kill it as much as it might hurt you). This will reduce your fall damage by 15 percent and allow you to Halo 5Hovers on the pattern and rests while shooting in the air.

Throw a grenade into a crowd of enemies, jump in the air, slow down time, hook the needle to a well-placed bullet and you’ll be the talk of the town in no time.

Or maybe Regina Jones thinks you’re an electronic psychopath and sends a W to kill you.

An in-game menu in Cyberpunk 2077 displays weapons.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Best Guns for Grenade Shots (and More!)

So, if you’re going to shoot a grenade, you need something to shoot it. It is probably fair to say that most rifles, with the exception of shotguns, will do the trick. However, the V arm will only throw a grenade so far, so the sniper rifle may be an overkill.

For my money, nothing beats a handgun. I don’t just think V designed with a gun is the primary way to play Cyberpunk 2077 movieThey also have some of the coolest equipment animations. Furthermore, if you only use handguns, it will make the way you manage inventory easier. Just be sure to stock up on ammo.

Not every handgun is built equal. There are two broad categories here, revolvers and revolvers. From there, you have Smart, Power, and Tech variants (no smart pistols, however). Hitting a grenade with a smart gun will be a challenge, so ideally you want either a Power or Tech gun. If you want to go with EdgerunnersFalco-inspired build, you could use a Techtronika RT-46 Burya Tech Revolver, but I’d encourage you to consider Power Pistols for one major feature: Ricochet.

Injecting a bit of the Ocelot pistol into your V will help extend the trick structure beyond just hitting the grenades. Any bullet fired from a Power weapon will have a chance to ricochet, but seize Congocan be accessed during the mission “The Heist” by grabbing it from Yorinobu’s bedroom, and it’s one of the best moves as this gun will always fire backfire.

Moreover , ballistic processor The electronic software will improve your chances of bouncing back with any weapon of the force.

Ricochets can be unpredictable, so you’ll want to tame them by either grabbing the “Draw the Line” feature in the geometry tree or the Trajectory Generator’s software-optics electronic tool to show a visualization of the recoil path on your HUD screen. Play the Angles (also in engineering) will increase your recoil damage by 15 percent for each perk level you invest.

In Perspective, under the attack tree will also improve recoil with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns if those weapons are your style of choice.

Hitting enemies behind cover with a bouncing shot is always a good time. But if you can fire a shot back at a dumped bomb…send me a clip of it so I’ll lose my freggy’s mind.

Best V attributes, skills and perks of grenade stunt shots

As mentioned earlier, reflexes and technical ability are your best friends for building a grenade. I recommend a Reflex score of at least 12 so you can get the most out of your bullet time effects. Meanwhile, a technical ability score of at least 7 will be required to start the grenade damage increase, but ideally it should be higher.

You can expand your weapon perks as you feel necessary, but for grenade shots, you’ll want to consider Grenadier, Shrapnel, Bigger Booms, Can’t Touch This, and Jackpot. The last one of these requires 20 degrees, but it will allow the grenades to do massive damage.

The in-game menu for Cyberpunk 2077 displays a selection of grenades.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Grenade options and other considerations

My favorite aspect of grenade stunt design is that it doesn’t just depend on your stats calculations alone. Your hud will indicate where the grenade is, slowing down the time helps a lot, but actually hitting a grenade with a bullet requires some skill even after you’ve invested in perks and software. It’s a great way to keep the FPS challenge in a game that you can master with only numbers.

You will likely want to have a variety of grenades. This is the other fun aspect of this design: hash, scorching, electromagnetic, poisonous, or even flash bang bombs can make fun moving targets, kind of like having a unique set of spells with different status effects in a fantasy RPG.

It probably goes without saying, but this build will benefit mouse and keyboard players even more. The accuracy of the mouse will make hitting a grenade or timing the counterattack much more doable. Not only that, the keyboard dodge is unlocked by double tapping the action key (remember that dribbling in combat activates the Kereznikov implant), while you have to double tap the B or Circle on the gamepad.

If you want to play on the gamepad, you can try claw grip To keep your finger on your shuffle post. Alternatively, you get a customizable back button controller. Hitting those grenades and pulling shots while time slows really depends on being able to shoot at any given moment, so the time lost when going from the outer flip button to the right thumb stick can reduce your effectiveness with this design.

Generally speaking, building a cheat bomb is not something you will prove once your stats hit a minimum. You will need to practice a little, but it is well worth the effort and is a very unique way to play this game. If you ever doubted the amalgamation of RPG and FPS mechanics, give this method a try.

For training, head to the suburbs so no one will bother you. For live targets, look for NCPD alerts, or catch a glimpse of any gang members you’ll find hanging out in Night City before you jump into main missions to show off your skills in front of A non-playable character trying to impress her. Before you know it, grenades will pierce through the air and bounce bullets off walls. Prem.

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