Daniel Craig’s best movie roles, from the stoic to the silly

Now known as the modern James Bond, Daniel Craig He has had a prolific acting career. While some of the films are well known, such as his role as Bond, or his recent success as Beniot Blanc from Take out the knives series, he’s also made some great films that he may not be known for. For example, did you know that he was a knight in the A child at King Arthur’s court?

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Whether he’s fighting crime as a spy, solving mysteries as a private detective, or simply saving the princess as a knight, Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor and has proven time and time again just how great he is throughout his varied career. Quite possibly some of his lesser known films show the sheer weight of what he can carry as an actor, and how immeasurable his talent truly is.

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10/10 James Bond series (2006-2021)

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall
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In what is probably his most famous and well-known role, in 2006 Craig stepped into the shoes of 007 – James Bond, himself! Following in the footsteps of so many greats before him, Craig has risen to the top of the box office and is all in our hearts as James Bond, absolutely nailing the role. He’s the perfect mix of playboy and secret agent. It really exudes what it means to be Bond, James, and Bond.

After taking on the initial role in Casino RoyaleHe has starred in four other films, including his latest film, No time to diein 2021. Craig has established himself as the quintessential Bond, amassing his second-most appearances as a Bond (the first being a tie between Sean Connery And the Roger Moore). Craig is definitely one of the best.

9/10 “Some Voices” (2000)

Daniel Craig - some voices

with some soundsCraig addresses his most influential film ever. Starring the main character, Ray, who suffers from schizophrenia, it sheds a compassionate and important light on the disease and shows the love and support needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who struggle with these kinds of hardships.

Craig’s acting is amazing and evokes every range of emotions from the audience. With a talented support team incl David Morrisseywho plays Craig’s brother, W.J Kelly MacDonald, who plays Craig’s girlfriend, the film soars to dizzying heights as it brings the audience on a journey that is not only beautiful, but enlightening as well. It’s a beautiful movie and definitely one to enjoy.

8/10 “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001)

Daniel Craig - Tomb Raider

We all know the video game, and most likely, we are all familiar with this movie series as well. with Angelina Jolie As the titular lead, this film was one of Craig’s earlier, semi-leading roles. Starring Alex West, a rival treasure enthusiast, opposite Julie Croft, Craig demonstrates his ability to dive into action and adventure (indiana Jones-style, perhaps?), and showcases his screen-stealing ability as a heartthrob.

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As a villain for the majority of the film, Craig’s character is one you both love to hate and hate to love. He’s so cute, yet so devilish, which makes him the perfect mix of audience cherishes and haters. His chemistry with Jolie is truly amazing, as the two balance the love-hate atmosphere needed to create the perfect cinematic tension.

7/10 “The Mother” (2003)

Daniel Craig - Mother

Handling perhaps his most underrated role to date, the mother Craig plays Darren, a young man who becomes romantically involved with a mother and daughter. It is a game full of events and emotions that the audience takes in and eventually finds themselves bewildered by the journey. Craig’s acting in this movie is unparalleled and shows a lot of ideas.

That Craig performed this role to perfection is a gift to the viewer. With such an intricate storyline and with each plot twist, Craig navigates his character in a way that makes us root for him, despite his easily identifiable flaws. Like so many of his other roles, he makes it easy to love and hate him, and definitely leaves a lasting impression on his character.

6/10 Munich (2005)

Daniel Craig - Munich

Munich It is based on the 1984 book which was an account of Operation Wrath of God, a secret response of the Israeli government after the Munich massacre of 1972 at the Summer Olympics. this is Steven Spielberg The movie not only has an amazing cast (Craig, Eric BanaAnd the Geoffrey Rush), but highlights a brutal incident in history. While some controversy surrounded the film, it was universally well received.

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Portraying Steve, the South African driver for the mission, Craig takes on the role as an absolute stoic and presents himself as a force to be reckoned with. Despite not being the main lead actor, Craig clearly demonstrates his leading ability in the role and displays his sheer brilliance as he steals every scene he’s in. Not for the faint of heart, this movie is a wonderful piece to watch and experience the history of the events that took place.

5/10 “Notorious” (2006)

Daniel Craig - Notorious

Taking on the role of a convicted murderer in real life, Craig Berry portrays Edwards-Smith in this movie about Truman Capote Find and write about his novel in cold blood. Craig plays this character with painfully beautiful brilliance. Assuming the identity of this killer and playing the role with such care and attention to intricacies is eerily fascinating.

It’s one thing to play a completely fictional character, but it’s quite another to take on a real person and portray that person with special care. Craig does so with a sense of sweet amazement and despite the outrageous nature of this character, he makes the character likable and helps the audience see beyond and into the heart of the horrific acts.

4/10 “Cowboys & Aliens” (2011)

Daniel Craig, Jake Lonergan, Cowboys & Aliens

In perhaps one of his strangest films, Cowboys and aliens It is a sci-fi western crossover game that has both entertaining and interesting gameplay. It has all the fun and excitement of a classic spaghetti western along with the insanity of alien invasions. While everything seems to make no sense throughout most of the movie, the whole story comes together at the end.

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Craig plays Jake Lonergan, an outlaw with complete amnesia. As the story unfolds and the aliens start arriving in the Old West from 1873 New Mexico, he begins to remember things and get more involved in the aliens’ battle. The truly bizarre nature of the story, along with the amazing cast, definitely makes this a movie to enjoy and see just how wild Craig can be.

3/10 “Lucky Logan” (2017)

Logan Lucky Daniel Craig 2
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A non-classical heist movie, Logan Lucky follows its characters as they try to steal a bunch of money from the highway (similar to Ocean Eleven). What follows is a basket of fun and nonsense that can only work in such a movie. The comedy and even the action in this is incredibly fun and hilarious for anyone to appreciate.

This is just a movie hoax. Craig portraying the safe-cracking criminal is just hilarious. He plays the goofy character so perfectly, honestly, no one else could have done the part. It shows Craig can be serious, action-packed, and even downright silly. Craig’s bleached blonde hair and random tattoos are just an added bonus in this cinematic journey.

2/10 “Kings” (2017)

Daniel Craig Kings

An unlikely team of a single black woman with eight adopted children and her neighbour, the only white man in the neighborhood, come together to bring light and encourage support to their growing family as the Rodney King riots break out in Los Angeles early on. The nineties. The two work to overcome cultural and societal extremism after Rodney King’s rule.

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While the movie wasn’t necessarily considered a huge hit, the story and acting are totally worth watching. Halle Berry And Craig is a dynamic team and they have such great chemistry together that their union in the movie is completely believable and relatable. While it’s certainly a movie that has its moments of intense intensity, it really showcases Craig’s talents and what he’s really capable of bringing to the screen.

1/10 ‘take out the knives’

Daniel Craig sits on a stool in front of a wheel of knives

Talk about the ultimate dynamite crew! Chris EvansAnd the Ana de ArmasAnd the Jamie Lee CurtisAnd the Michael ShannonAnd the Don JohnsonAnd the Christopher Plummer And so much more, all topped off by the impeccable talent that is Craig. This mystery movie was an instant hit and was a really great movie to enjoy over and over again.

Craig plays Benoit, a private investigator hired to solve the mystery of the supposed suicide of the patriarch of a wealthy family. After some bizarre investigations, and hilarious antics, the whole truth is revealed, and the case is finally closed. The film’s huge success has now led to the creation and eventual release of several sequels, the first of which hits Netflix in December 2022.

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