Don’t worry baby: every major character in the movie, arranged

Since the trailer for do not worry my love Released in May 2022, the film caused quite a stir, which was only exacerbated by his chaotic press tour. With leaked videos circulating on social media and rumors of the cast circulating about the drama, the movie was all anyone could talk about in the late summer. At first, the conversation was going on do not worry my love He was hugely positive, with lead actors Florence Pugh and Harry Styles being fan favorites and audiences were excited to see him.

But that soon changed when people learned about the rumored circumstances of the relationship between Styles and do not worry my love Directed by Olivia Wilde. In the summer of 2022, as the movie’s release date approached, fans began noticing that Pugh wasn’t promoting do not worry my love As she did with her other films. Speculation and rumors circulated online that something was going on behind the scenes between Pugh and Wilde. Shia LaBeouf then shared his thoughts on Wilde’s remarks about leaving the film, and the project as a whole, and an unflattering video of Wilde talking about “Miss Flo” was leaked.

in the middle of the drama do not worry my love However, it hit theaters on September 23, and received a variety of reviews. People either loved the movie, hated it, or left some confusion as to what happened in it. Whatever you think, the majority of viewers would have all agreed that the concept of the movie was a fun and great idea, the cinematography was great, Pugh gave another amazing performance, and the idea of ​​getting caught in the trap of a futuristic simulation where everything is a cookie-cutter perfect for a very entertaining movie . Here are all the main characters in this psychological thriller do not worry my love , Rank.

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8/8 Shelly (Gemma Chan)

Gemma Chan plays Shelly do not worry my loveWife of the leader and founder of the Victory Project, Frank. From the start, the audience was clearly concerned and suspicious of Shelley. She looks somewhat condescending and perfect. She is able to keep her calm and stay out of sight until Alice and Jack’s dinner party, when she finally explodes on Alice for questioning Frank’s morals and the Victory Project as a whole. Her tense and controlling nature unleashes Frank at the end of the movie once Alice tries to get her to escape and Shelley realizes that Frank isn’t man enough to save the world they created together.

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7/8 Dr. Collins (Timothy Simmons)

Similar to how do not worry my love Audience members sensed Shelley, it was clear from the start that Dr. Collins was hiding something. After Alice watches Margaret kill herself by falling from her rooftop, she is in distress and deeply concerned about what she has seen. In an attempt to cover up why Margaret did what she did, Dr. Collins tries to prescribe a pill for Alice that will calm her and make her think she was terribly confused and that everything is, in fact, just fine. Alice stands strong in the fact that she’s not unstable and doesn’t believe Collins for a moment.

6/8 Dean (Nick Kroll)

Nick Kroll is a funny actor, and while watching it do not worry my love Few may be, they are nothing short of amazing. In such a dark, psychological thriller that Kroll brings a lighthearted comedic relief that the audience will cling to, making Dean one of the most exciting characters on screen. Dean is husband and father, married to Bunny, played by Wilde, and is Jack’s best friend. Throughout the film, it is clear that Dean’s loyalty lies with Jack, Frank, and the rest of the Victory Project team.

5/8 Margaret (Kiki Lane)

Margaret plays a complex role in do not worry my love For it is she who casts doubt in Alice on what the Victory Project actually is. After seeing Margaret behaving strangely at social events, seeing how empty and distant her behavior was, and hearing the story of her son who had died, Alice began to wonder what had happened that made Margaret that way. Margaret was able to see beyond what Frank and her husband wanted for her and realized she was stuck in a simulation. Her behavior was a liability and the head of the Victory Project killed her because of it.

4/8 Frank (Chris Pine)

Chris Pine portrays arrogant and condescending Frank, founder and leader of the Victory Project. He wants everyone in his world to believe that he is doing a noble job by creating this ideal society where people are free to live the life they deserve, but deep down, this is all a lie. Victory Project is a simulation where people can lock their spouses in an alternate plane where they are “safe” and nothing bad can happen to them because their fate has already been planned for them. Alice challenges Frank by trying to get to the bottom of Project Victory. She doesn’t trust her from the start and the two wrestle with each other throughout the film to see if Alice will finally be able to reveal his secret.

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3/8 Jack Chambers (Harry Styles)

Everyone loves Styles, but we don’t all love Jack Chambers. Seems to be the perfect pair throughout the first half of do not worry my loveHe constantly shows his wife’s love and affection, as a gift and a tender husband, but as the movie progresses, we learn everything Jack is hiding from Alice and how his selfish decisions ruined her life. Jack is the one who chose to put him and Alice on the Victory Project so he could spend all the time he wanted with his busy wife who spent most of her time working as a surgeon in the real world. At the end of the movie, Jack and Alice’s love is tested, and they realize that they can’t trust each other and will never be able to get back from what was done.

2/8 Bunny (Olivia Wilde)

Despite the fact that Wilde has been ripped off by the media during do not worry my love‘s A press tour and the fact that directing the movie wasn’t necessarily noteworthy, she did a great job playing Bunny, Alice’s best friend and neighbor. Bani is married to Dean, and the two live with their children on the Victory Project. When Alice tries to warn Rabbit about what she has discovered, Rabbit shuts her down and tells her she is breaking up like Margaret. Later, towards the end of the movie, we find out that Bunny knew the whole time that the Victory Project wasn’t real, and she was in fact the one who chose to put her family here.

1/8 Alice Chambers (Florence Bio)

Number one on the list comes the movie star and the best thing in the entire movie: Pugh’s Alive. Her portrayal of Alice Chambers has been praised by critics and audiences since the film’s release. People are fascinated by the power she brings to the screen in every role she plays, and this performance was no exception. Pugh is mesmerizing to watch, and no one can play Alice quite like her. She was relentless, brave, compassionate, honest, and a beautiful heroine do not worry my love.

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