Eagles points against Cowboys, fast food: Philadelphia holds out Dallas comeback to remain undefeated

Philadelphia – The Dallas Cowboys made things more exciting than they had any right to, but the Philadelphia Eagles ultimately remained perfect Sunday night, improving their record to 6-0 by beating their division rivals 26-17.

The Eagles used a brutal second quarter to boost their way to victory, with 20 of their points in that span. He intercepted the Philadelphia Cooper Rush three times in the evening, holding him on 18 of 38 passes for 181 yards and one point plus triple shots.

Dallas bullied his way back into the game in the third and early in the fourth behind a strong dose of running game and pass play, but the Eagles’ 75-yard touchdown drive took 7:37 of the game. The clock pretty much ended up putting things away. If he didn’t, Rush’s third interception – which came on the next drive – certainly did.

Galen Hurts didn’t get much of a pass in the air (15 of 25 for 155 yards), but he did a good job neutralizing the pass rush with his legs and his threat to take off led to multiple high-quality runs through racer backs. Especially Miles Sanders. He also found AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith to land on well-designed plays from Nick Sirianni.

Philadelphia maintained the top spot in the NFC East with the win, while the loss dropped Dallas to 4-2 and into third place, behind the Giants.

Why did the Eagles win?

They took advantage of an opponent who made many mistakes, and relied on determination of play to win the battle against an aggressive defense. As mentioned earlier, Rush was intercepted three times. The Cowboys also turned the ball down in the second quarter. On several occasions, they ran reading or passing options designed to take advantage of the Cowboys’ aggressive dash and upward passes and get players like AJ Brown into the flat for later running opportunities.

Why did the Cowboys lose

They turned it in, received many penalties, didn’t have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Eagles, and couldn’t stop the run or the RPO’s in the third major defeats. Rush, who has had no objection after this season, has been selected three times. Dallas was penalized 10 times for 72 yards. Rush averaged 4.8 yards per attempt. Philly controlled the ball for 34:30 and turned several key opportunities down.

turning point

We’ll go with a couple of plays that may have gone off the radar. First, there was the last play in the first quarter. The Eagles and Cowboys tied 0-0, and Philly was third and 12th in the Dallas 18-yard streak with 46 seconds remaining in the period. Hurts completed an 8-yard pass to AJ Brown, and the Eagles then rushed into the line and pretended they would turn play for fourth and fourth, even though they didn’t have to catch the ball before the end of the game. a fourth. Hurts’ difficult count led to Dante Fowler Jr.’s offside. , bought the Eagles initially, and landed Miles Sanders in the second quarter opener.

After Philly led 14-0 in the second quarter, the Cowboys had a chance to break in. At 3 and 9 from the 26-yard streak, Rush completed a pass to CeeDee Lamb over center. It looked at first glance as if Lamb had gotten enough yards for the first down, but the line judge then changed the venue and set it short. Instead of looking at and challenging the replay (Lamb obviously took first), the Cowboys quickly climbed to the streak and called up a bootleg for Rush, who threw cover and patchy. Then the Eagles extended their lead to 17-0.

play highlight

Probably the best solo play of the night was This is juke From the Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson to reach the end zone. The most well-designed play came from Eagles, with DeVonta Smith rigging a selection track and then making his way to the end zone, where Galen Hurts I found it for easy result.

But for the highlights, we have to pick three picks from Philly for Rush. The first two came in forced throws for receivers that were not open, while the third came in a play where Rush was injured when he let go of the ball.

What’s Next

The Eagles go into their seventh week of farewell as the only undefeated NFL team. When they return in Week 8, they will host the Steelers. The Cowboys are 4-2 and head home next week to face the Detroit Lions, in what could be Dak Prescott’s first game after breaking his thumb in the first week.

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