Every movie of Keanu Reeves plays a character named John, ranked according to IMDb

Keanu Reeves is set to star in his third Legacy in three years, as Constantine 2 It was just confirmed, and this follows Bill and Ted face the music And the Resurrection Matrix. The original film saw Reeves play the titular John Constantine, and it continued in a funny albeit unintended direction in Reeves’ filmography.

Whether it’s a coincidence or because he really likes the name, Reeves has played a character named John seven times. And that doesn’t even include the video game Cyberpunk 2077 movie, where he plays the role of Johnny Silverhand. Between a very boisterous killer, an FBI agent turned surfer, and Dracula’s lawyer, these distinct characters all share the same common name.

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7/7 Jill M… (2012) – 3.9

While many of Reeves’ films from the past decade have garnered a great deal of attention simply because the actor stars in them, that’s not quite the case with mother’s generation… And not even ‘Internet Friend’ can save the movie from being a life’s messy existential melodrama.

The movie is about a group of reclusive, self-destructive people, one of whom is John Wall (Reeves), and the character is just as sexy as his name (and the movie’s title for that matter). Not only does the movie have a shockingly low score on IMDb, but it’s one of the films with an unjustifiable 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well. Reeves doesn’t have to perform hand-to-hand combat in every movie he’s in, but it helps.

6/7 Johnny Zmek (1995) – 5.6

Complex action and science fiction films were very popular in the 1990s. In 1995 alone, together with johnny mnemonicAnd the strange days And the 12 monkeys It was released, making it a successful year for cyberpunk fans. But johnny mnemonic It was the least successful of the three, with the film mostly forgotten, almost forgotten after its opening weekend, being completely bombed.

However, the movie has gained something of a cult following, and it’s a strong following that fans want to see johnny mnemonic 2. The movie, which is about the titular data courier (Reeves) delivering the information stored in his head, is totally exaggerated but so much fun, it laid the foundation for Reeves to become a cyberpunk icon.

5/7 Constantine (2005) – 7.0

Constantine It follows John Constantine (Reeves), who has been brought back to Earth from Hell to collect souls for the Devil, and is one of the funniest comic book movies. But a score of 7.0 is an unusually strong rating for a movie considered “guilty pleasure.” and as Constantine 2 Just confirmed, nearly two decades after the original movie, it’s safe to say the movie has shaken off the guilt that viewers feel about it.

The 2005 film features a gorgeous gothic aesthetic that has been present in many 21st century films, such as Van Helsing And the Hell. But those types of movies aren’t being made anymore, which makes the movie more and more creative as time goes on, and that means its illustrious reception continues to grow as well.

4/7 Point Break (1991) – 7.2

Johnny Utah is one of Reeves’ most famous characters, and between him and Buddy, Breaking point Featuring some of the most extravagant and entertaining movie characters of the ’90s. Bodhi and Johnny have the best friendship in action movies, whether it’s jumping out of planes together or sharing a plate of shrimp, and the fans are there for it all.

Surprisingly, the hit movie was not rated higher in the Movie Database due to its reputation. But that’s fair enough if not every spectator is on board with the ridiculous concept of an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a crew of bank-robbing thrill seekers. Nor did Reeves’ acting 30 years ago win any Oscars, as much of his performance in the 1991 version has been picked up and turned into memes, specifically when he shouts, “I’m an FBI agent!”

3/7 Much Ado About Nothing (1993) – 7.3

Reeves is not actually the main character in Much Ado About NothingA romantic comedy based on the Shakespeare play of the same name, the film features a crew led by actor and director Kenneth Branagh. The movie is one of the rare examples in which Reeves has played a villain, playing Don John, Don Pedro’s half-brother.

The 1993 release has an impressive lineup of soon-to-be movie stars, as it not only features Reeves, but also Denzel Washington and Kate Beckinsale. Most aspects of the film were highly praised, especially the direction of Prana, who directed several other Shakespeare adaptations as well. But, unfortunately, critics thought Reeves was the weak link in an otherwise strong series, for which he was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry for Best Supporting Actor.

2/7 John Wick Series (2014 – Present) – 7.4

John Wick He is without a doubt the most famous John Reeves has ever played. While the original film was a modest success, it went on to produce two consecutive copies that were hugely successful at the box office, and is set to be the fourth biggest upcoming film to date, and John Wick 5 Also under development. Amazingly, all three movies have an IMDb 7.4 rating, making it one of the most consistent franchises ever, and that could be thanks to the movies’ amazing and original fight scenes running around all the time.

But fans of the actor should thank John Wick A privilege as it kicked off a Reeves renaissance that lasted for years. This has undoubtedly led to his roles in many recent releases and many older sequels that he has starred in, such as Bill and Ted face the music And the Resurrection Matrix.

1/7 Bram Stoker Dracula (1992) – 7.4

Leave it to famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola to direct Reeves in one of the most iconic films he’s ever starred in. The movie is very faithful to the original Stoker sources, but it’s Coppola’s camera trickery and expert suspense building that makes the movie so great.

Reeves plays Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula’s lawyer, but since the actor shares screen time with Jared Oldman, it’s hard for Reeves to keep up with the Oscar winner’s performance. The movie is better remembered for Oldman than Reeves, especially since it kicked off the trend of the British actor playing iconic villains in the ’90s, with the 1992 release being followed by films like real romance And the Leon Professional.

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