Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 7: Sleepers, Starts, and Sits – Kenyan Drake, Rondell Moore, and More

Farewell weeks are tougher for the week seven fantasy football rankings, with the best midfielders unavailable and a wide reception. Running back is getting messier too, so don’t forget to read 101 Tough Starts or Sit Questions, potential trade ideas and more strategies to help you win.

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2022 Seventh week of fantasy football sleep

🚨 attention 🚨 here they are they sleep. They won’t imitate my ranking 100%. This chases the upside and often carries more risks.

rear quarter

Possible start: Jared Goff, Diet – Goff is better indoors, especially in the landing section. The Cowboys are a tough game, but with Dak Prescott back, we can hope that Gauff will have to keep up with speed, which is what he has the weapons for, as well as having his feet on the grass. Matthew Stafford was able to throw 308-1 in Week 5, and if Gauff gets to the 300 mark, he’ll probably have more than one touchdown and make you celebrate.

Marie Start Greetings: Jimmy Garoppolo, sixth – That’s all about the match. Each quarterback who has faced the Chiefs has thrown 2-3 touchdowns, with three of them throwing for over 329 yards. Sure, those three were Justin Herbert, Tom Brady and Josh Allen, but even Garoppolo’s 250-2 streak makes it a nice plugin as Allen, Jalen Hurts and Kirk Cousins ​​say goodbye.

running back

Possible start: JK Dobbins / Kenyan Drake, BAL – That’s suspicious if Dobbins was otherwise healthy, and was playing the RB2 boom/collapse in this match. If it’s just Drake, then “We love Drake!” Well, until it burns us again. But, if there’s a team that can help Drake put up a stud weeks in a row, it’s the Browns, allowing over 5.5 YPCs, with eight touchdowns already in place. Look at what only Rhamondre Stevenson did as a dash, and even 19-76-1 would be a great start for your fantasy team.

Mary Start Greetings: James Robinson, Jax – While the Giants haven’t given up many quick drops, Drake’s Week 6 performance shows just how vulnerable they are to running. Just blast in the middle, and you can also have a nice group play. Their average backs is 5.5 YPC against the Giants, and Robinson has a 10th place in most Goal-to-Go attempts (six – tied with Saquon Barkley and others) with a quick 3.44 YAC average, along with Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook. With the split, we’re hoping to land, but a few big plays might suffice.

wide future

Possible start: Alec Pierce, IND – If you’ve ever listened to any of the podcasts, you should have known that Alec Muthaddoukin Pierce would be here. Pierce has three consecutive points between 10.0-12.4 points with a 22-15-210-1 line. In fact, Pierce’s first game in that series was his 6-4-80 streak against these giants – a team that was among the worst at stopping a pass and, in particular, stopping a pass. Before their farewell, the Titans allowed Terry McLaurin to advance 6-5-76, Curtis Samuel 8-6-62 and Diamy Brown 4-2-105-2 in two big touchdowns. #DuckYea I start piercing.

Possible start: Curtis Samuel, – Speaking of Samuel, you mentioned in Concessions how Taylor Heineke could ignite the offense and help Samuel rebound. Heinicke looks at his receiver a little more than Carson Wentz, and assumes McLaurin will be locked up with Jaire Alexander leaving Samuel as Heinicke’s most likely target. This prepares for a nice size play.

Marie Start Greetings: Rondel Moore and Robbie Anderson, ARI – Even with DeAndre Hopkins returning from the PED comment…

Moore and Anderson play thanks to 1) Marquis Brown’s injury and 2) a great Saints game, likely without CP Marcus Lattimore again. The Bengals receiver trio just combined at 26-19-245-2 with Tee Higgins getting 10-6-47 despite not being 100% healthy. In the fifth week, Geno Smith DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett hit for 14-10-192-3 combined, so Hopkins and at least another receiver can provide the top 30 value. I would have gone to Moore before Anderson given his knowledge of the team, but don’t be shocked if Anderson makes a big game or two.

tight end

HAIL MARY START: Cade Otton, TB Without Cameron Pratt, Otton is a cute streamer as well as the most used (and other novice) Greg Dolch after having had a lot of eyes on him during the MNF. This isn’t a match game so much as an opportunity for Otton to be No. 3 for Tom Brady while Russell Gage is still struggling (only one game is relevant) and Julio Jones doesn’t make it onto the court.

Fun with arrangement!

It just happened on Tuesdays at All in Football, where we’ve been calling a lot of Moores (the players), and it turned out to be a joke, and I said Roger Moore, and Lauren said he’s better than Sean Connery as Bond. Then someone suggested arranging Bond films. So I’m making a top 10 Bond movie, with plenty of meh outings (considering many before you, Pierce Brosnan) to discuss over 15 rated movies.

  1. Casino Royale – Some poker liked me, even though it was probably the most ridiculous part of the movie. Odds of all these hands happening! Come on! Daniel Craig revitalized Bond with great action combos (parkour! parkour!) and started his career (arguably) as the best Bond.

  2. Heavy rain – Some action pieces that beat Casino Royale – perhaps the best in the series – with an interesting plot based on MI6 and the best-looking movie.
  3. gold finger – Winning lead single, Oddjob (more on it later), Bond movie that set many recurring aspects…Though, one scene should be deleted from the record.
  4. From Russia with love – Fun train fight (recreated by Specter), gadgets, great bad guy, and good plot, which can be hard to find in many Bond movies.
  5. The spy who loved me – A cute plot twist with a romantic side to it, an unforgettable ski-jump scene – you watched it… even if you’ve never seen this movie – and a sub!
  6. Doctor no More than a mystery movie, but it all started with a first encounter with SPECTER.
  7. No time to die Well, we all freaked out about the ending, but it really felt like a race to the finish – well, unless you think about the length of the movie – as everything from Craig’s time comes along with an emotional, intense and action-packed ‘end’.
  8. golden eye — the game was better and launched the multiplayer genre into orbit — and yes, Oddjob cheats — but the movie was still pretty good, as Pierce Brosnan’s best foray into the Bond role. The Bond reboot, the helicopter action and Sean Penn’s sinister development were awesome.
  9. thunder – Best underwater action ever, one of Sean Connery’s best outings, and jetpack!
  10. You only live twice – I mean, it’s the basis of a lot of Austin Powers. That alone deserves a rating, as is it being one of Bond’s most fun and even wacky films (although there is another awkward side).

Honorable Mention: In the service of Her Majesty George Lazenby’s only Bond film was solid with a more cohesive approach, with an emphasis on story.

Worst place: Die another day – Well-deservedly named since watching this for the second time it will be like death again. The CG was tough, the invisible car horrible, the action was poor, and it was all sloppy after a thrilling torture scene to start the movie.

Buying and selling


  • Alvin Camara, right-back, no Big volume, good schedule, positive downward slope should come
  • Jonathan Taylor, RB, IND – Don’t forget what I said last week, which was about the first week and Taylor’s rise
  • A.J. Dillon, RB, GB – Not starting it unless Aaron Jones is injured, but if it does, you have RB1
  • DJ Moore, WR, Car – in the absence of a chance it is traded, because otherwise, it could be dropped (and might have been)
  • Deontay Johnson, WR, pit – Kenny Beckett should continue to improve, the size is there as well as some nice matches
  • Michael Gallup, WR, DAL – If he has no concessions, get him before Dak Prescott boosts his value


  • Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL – Smart bosses may not bite, but you can try to get out of a big game
  • Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, NE Damien Harris could be back soon, and no matter how good Stevenson looks, they love timeshare
  • Michael Bateman, WR, IND – Only if you can get a marginal WR1 value as Matt Ryan still makes Michael Bateman fickle
  • JoJo Smith Schuster, WR, KC – Take advantage of his first huge match, as there are tough matches ahead
  • Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA – Try arguing that it’s been a week off, as the Seahawks still have a few tough passing matches

Week 7 fantasy football predictions

🚨 attention 🚨 These can differ from my rankings, my ratings Ranks are the order in which I will start players Outside the extra context, like, “You need the highest advantage, even if it’s risky.” Also, based on 4 TDs for QB, 6 Points Rest, and Half-PPR

Link to download the seventh week forecast

***here they are Not Sunday morning update FYI ***

Fantasy Football Week 7 Rankings

🚨 attention 🚨

  • Just Half PPR Because FantasyPros’ automatic calculation of ranks is Non and Full-PPR can be turned off. But, there is so little difference from Non to Half and from Full to Half that you don’t have to worry.
  • ECR = Expert Consensus Rank. Don’t focus on that too much, as not all experts are constantly/constantly updating.
  • They are updated regularly, so check that the menus are completely locked.

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