Find out the top new artist nominees for the 2022 Latin GRAMMY Awards

Celebrated as some of the biggest artists, songs and albums in Latin music at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs, so is Next Generation in the Best New Artist category.

This year, there are 11 nominees: Angela Alvarez, Sofia Campos, Candy & Paolo, Clarissa, Silvana Estrada, Paul Grinch, Napales, Tiari, Valle, Yahritza and Johara, and Nicole Ziniago. Whether you’re a huge fan or new to the names, has all the info you need to know about each of these artists ahead of the November 11th shows. 17 broadcasts.

Below, learn about all of the 2022 Latin Artist GRAMMY nominees for Best New Artist. Then, be sure to tune in to the 23rd Latin GRAMMY Awards on Univision at 8 PM EST/PT (7 PM PT) to find out which rising star wins!

The 2022 Latin GRAMMYs will also air on TNT at 19.00 (MEX) / 20.00 (PAN-COL) / 21.00 (VEN) / 22.00 (ARG / CHI / BRAZIL), and on Televisa Channel 5. On HBO Max in Spanish only.

Angela Alvarez

Angela Alvarez’s story is like something out of a movie. At a young age, her father forbade her to pursue a career singing in Cuban nightclubs. After the Cuban Revolution, she made the harrowing decision to send her four children to the United States. After joining later and building a life in her adopted homeland for decades, her grandson, composer Carlos Jose Alvarez, has recorded performances of songs that have hosted countless family gatherings. Condensing her entire life into one solid hour, her self-titled debut was a sensation. Not only did the 95-year-old bolero singer become the oldest Latino Grammy nominee, but he also made a movie star, with a biographical documentary (Miss Angela) and a role in the latest remake of father of the bride. – Andrew Casillas*

Sofia Campos

Sofia Campos, an indie singer-songwriter from Argentina who makes dreamy, catchy and heartfelt music in Spanish and Portuguese, describes it as “a mixture of the places I’ve been: Brazil, Mexico and Argentina”. In 2021, she self-released her second 10-track sunshine-filled album, imaginary placesIt was recorded with producer Matias Sella. It features her beautiful collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade, “Verde Nocturno,” as well as her collaboration with her brother Chaco Campos, “Segredos Nossos.” She released her first EP, Pink orangeIn 2018, it was followed by her debut album, Save the firein 2019. The prestigious South by Southwest Conference selected her to perform as an official artist at the Austin, Texas festival in April, her first show in the United States. Campos wear their heart on their sleeve with their music, perfect for a stroll admiring nature or relaxing coffee rest time. – Anna Monroe Iglesias

Candy and Paolo

Cande y Paulo embodies the unexpected and the sensual in a style that blends jazz, classics and unwavering audacity. One day in 2017, this duo decided to upload on social media the forever loved song “Barro Tal Fizz” by Luis Alberto Spinetta. A few months and 10 million views later, many discovered that the Cande Buasso y Paulo Carrizo duo was a force to be reckoned with. They hail from a valley in the San Juan Province of Argentina, and are both tenacious and products of classical music education and families with diverse tastes in music and rhythms. Paolo impresses with his musical prowess, and Candy fascinates with her velvety voice. The end result is a sound that really moved further than he ever imagined. – Anna Santiago


Going from social media influencer to Latin GRAMMY nominee in a year and a half would be an accomplishment for anyone. But for Brazilian indie-pop singer Clarissa Muller, it seems almost predictable. She has a versatility that’s very rare these days and that is reflected on her self-titled debut EP. Anyone expecting simple songs about overnight fame will quickly be surprised, however, as Clarissa explores themes like love, desire, and empowerment with startling maturity. This is perhaps best showcased in the single “Ela,” which details a growing same-sex romance and the attendant fear, anxiety, passion, and tenderness familiar to anyone who has ever lived in love. – Andrew Casillas

Silvana Estrada

Silvana Estrada quietly entered the Latin music scene, and her poetic revolution immediately began. The singer and multi-instrumentalist grew up in a family of luthiers in Cotepec, Veracruz, where echoed by Jr. Jarrocho, she searched for her soul to find her voice early on. Its roots, also inspired by jazz, run deep in Latin American folklore, cultivating a powerful, intimate sound that sometimes channeled the spirit of its greats; Think Chavela Vargas or Mercedes Sosa. One of the characteristics of her raw, subdued voice is that it can turn fiery in an instant. Paired with her authentic Venezuelan cuatroja finger pattern, she can evoke the twinkles of a starry night, and the sky’s thunderiest moments, too. Despite her recent work emerging from lost love (Marchetta 2022 or “Withered”), it blossoms brilliantly like a rose sprouting from concrete. – Isabella Rigosa

Half Ganesh

Barely in his teens, Paul Grinch (born Pablo Grandjean) started releasing songs on social media. In 2018, the TV Musical Talent Contest in his native Spain, X Factor SpainThe doors opened for him. In 2019, he released his first single “Late” and a self-titled EP. Their debut album will follow, I have to calm down. But since then, the agenda of this pop singer/songwriter, who also claims French heritage, has not been quiet at all. Last year, he found widespread recognition with a single and remix, “Tirotio,” featuring Marc Seguy and Rao Alejandro, respectively. And this year, the twenty-something has another album under his name, Spit love. love spit? Well, no one ever said love was easy to understand. – Juan Carlos Perez Doci


With his powerful blend of cowboy rock with an R&B sensibility, up-and-coming Colombian singer Napalez is a must-watch. Growing up in Atlanta, Felipe Gonzálezabad immersed himself in the world of gospel and country, but his heart is evident in his Colombian heritage as he delves deeper into the art of Latin American balladry. As a producer, the beat maker began cooking up tracks for Latin pop stars like Bebe, Greeicy, and Karen Méndez, raising his bar in contemporary pop. As a solo artist, Napalez has set his sights on the regional Mexican music horizon, mastering genres such as ranchera and banda. With a string of successful singles making up his ranchera debut and with worthy collaborators like Majo Aguilar (granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar, an icon from the golden age of Mexican cinema), his star will only shine brighter. – Isabella Rigosa


Venezuelan-Peruvian newcomer Tiare makes the aptly titled debut EP Dieciséis It is a composite take with material she wrote between the ages of 13 and 16.

Displays thematic maturity and talent for songwriting. Mostly it is

The instrumental pop ballads “La Española”, “Líneas De Tu Mano” and “Evaluna” showcase Tiare’s songwriting talents and ability to convey themes of coming of age in a subtle and relatable manner with a warm, flamenco-laden vocal delivery and skillful guitar. “Evaluna,” produced by Latin GRAMMY-nominated Periko (Periko & Jessi León), has surpassed 1 million views on YouTube. It’s proof that Tiare’s talents are rooted in her ability to connect with a wider audience through her music. – Lisette Ran


Vale, the Colombian duo composed of twin sisters Valentina and Valeria Perez, display a rare combination of vocals that are at once transparent and powerful, and are causing quite a stir in the Latin pop music scene. They float together ethereally as they intertwine and blend harmoniously with a beguiling blend of R&B and folk-pop. their latest album, Straight line!, is an eight-track compilation described by the sisters as “a tribute to imperfection and true beauty”. Vale’s other melodies and simple vocal arrangements imply light nuances on the surface and something deeper within, enveloped in lyrics of heart and tender poetry, that explore the many cracks where love likes to hide. – Lisette Ran

Yahritza and its essence

They’ve been called the great new promise of regional Mexican music, even though, at the start of the year, vocalist Yahritza y su Essencia was still in high school. Yahritza Martinez grew up alongside her siblings, who are instrumentalists, Jairo and Mando, in a working-class family in Yakima, Washington. As a young child, she picked fruit from the fields, and at the age of thirteen she composed the song “Soy El Único”, through which she tasted digital fame on YouTube. Today, the three Martinez siblings are with Lumbre Music. Label executives saw a video of a cover produced by the group and, like the trio’s first EP, became titled. obsessed. No matter what the future holds, these young talents know they must preserve what sets them apart: their core. – Juan Carlos Perez Doci

Nicole Zeniago

In the past year, Nicole Zinniago has gone from backstage hitmaker to the spotlight. The Peruvian singer-songwriter made her fame writing international hits like Sofia Reyes’ “1, 2, 3” and Maria Angelique’s “Taxi”. After signing with Warner Music México late last year, Zignago debuted as an artist in May with an EP This is how I feel today. As the title suggests, she has put together a collection of six very personal songs that showcase her versatility. “Preguntas” songstress finds up-and-coming processing her feelings after a difficult breakup. Later, in the flamenco-infused “Feelings,” Zignago does away with heartbreak. She also embraced R&B elements on the funky love song “Me Gusta Que Me Gustes”. Zignago, also known as the daughter of singer Gian Marco, is now making a name for herself. – Lucas Villa

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