Five horror movies from 1999 to pair with “V/H/S/99”

Produced by Bloody Disgusting, the movie that was taped into a horror movie has been found V / H / S / 99Available now exclusively on goosebumps.

in V / H / S / 99Follow-up to last year’s hugely successful V / H / S / 94 – #HailRaatma – Home video of a thirsty teen makes a horrifying reveal. Capturing the last days of analog as it heads into the new millennium, V / H / S / 99 It delivers punk rock style and unbridled horror across all five of its divisions.

Why don’t we celebrate accordingly? Let’s celebrate like 1999. We are working on pairing every part in V / H / S / 99 With a horror movie from 1999, so you can keep the Y2K vibes going!

Colobus – Pair it with Maggie Levine’s “Slicing”

Levin’s opening clip V / H / S / 99 It captures the energy and aesthetic of ’90s MTV as it follows a group of scammers with a stretch CKYLike the video series. Teens decide to break into an abandoned music venue for their last quest for fame, and horror ensues.

Colobus It follows a group of five young men who agree to live together in a luxurious mountain hut as they film for three months. It’s a setting similar to “Real World” on MTV, complete with conflicting characters and backgrounds until strangers start dying thanks to expensive traps set throughout the house. The 35mm Lo-fi shape and MTV vibe of the ’90s make this a great complement to “Shredding.”

Rage: Carrie 2 – Paired with “The Suicide Show” by Johannes Roberts

rage curry 2

Roberts’ clip sees the college vow so hard to join a sorority that she is unable to see how cruel its members are, putting her in grave danger. Literally. “Suicide Bid” puts its cute heroine through her gang as she walks over her head with a group of sorority bullies. The potential for supernatural revenge looms in the form of a chilling urban legend.

Rage: Carrie 2 It centers around a similarly cute outcast who is frequently tormented by her famous high school kids. Her growing powers of telekinesis help her undo when you push her away.

Wild Zero – Pair with Flying Lotus’s “Ozzy’s Dungeon”

“Ozzy’s Dungeon” presents a grim horror story of ’90s children’s shows such as “Legend of the Hidden Temple” and “Double Dare.” The lotus bird takes her to horrific and unexpected places from there. It’s a wild ride.

Wild Zero They can’t be far apart in premise, but they share the same gonzo “anything goes” energy. There are zombies, aliens, a central love story, and garage rock band Guitar Wolf, who tear apart enemies with their gadgets and remind you that love has no boundaries, nationalities, or genders. Like “Ozzy’s Dungeon,” there’s no expectation of crazy frenzy here.

idle hands – Pair it with “The Gawkers” by Tyler McIntyre

horror movies 1999

The Gawkers builds its story around wealthy teenage boys who develop a strong admiration for their beautiful new neighbor. But instead of talking to her, they resort to voyeurism which eventually becomes overly intrusive and deadly. McIntyre showers her with scathing sense of humor.

Halloween horror comedy movie idle hands It also follows a teen with a huge crush on the girl next door. Fortunately, this teenager does not become an intrusive voyeur, but unfortunately, his lethal and pleasant hand complicates matters.

end of days – Paired with Vanessa and Joseph Winter’s “To Hell and Back”

Horror films End of Days 1999

“To Hell and Back” is the tale of two filmmakers who choose to document the frightening ritual of summoning demons on New Year’s Eve. Instead of bringing the devil into our world, the ritual ends by sending the husband to Hell.

What is better to pair with this entry than end of days? A horror movie that sees Satan trying to bring the Antichrist into the world on New Year’s Eve. It’s up to Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the new millennium.

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