Goodbye, Elton John: Inside the Dodger Stadium music legend’s last concert

After a stellar opener on Thursday and a triumphant appearance on Saturday (“Saturday, Saaaaturday!”), Elton John returned to Dodger Stadium on Sunday for his final North American bow.

The legendary artist let the sun go down in Los Angeles for the last time when he returned to the stage that catapulted him to stardom nearly 50 years ago. On the Sunday North American leg performance of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, John was joined by collaborators Dua Lipa, Brandi Carlile and Kiki Dee.

But they weren’t the only stars who came out to support the famous singer and pianist on the Dodger Stadium finale, which was available to stream on Disney+.
Other celebrities who attended the conference included Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Lizzo, Heidi Klum, Angela Bassett, Jude Law, Billie Jean King, Her, Donatella Versace, Miles Teller, Kirsten Dunst, JoJo Siwa, Connie Britton, Christopher Lloyd , John Stamos, Raven-Symoné, and Taron Egerton, who portrayed John in the 2019 biopic “Rocketman”.

Elton John’s Sunday Dodger Stadium concert was broadcast live on Disney+.

(Brian Van der Brugh / Los Angeles Times)

“This is a very special night for me – a very emotional night for me – and it’s been a long journey,” John told the audience.

“I first came to America in 1970 to the City of Angels…and played in a club called the Troubadour…and it helped me by accelerating my career in America by a review I got from Robert Hilburn for the Los Angeles Times. So I won’t forget it.” Start “.

In keeping with his previous Farewell Yellow Brick Road shows, John has performed many of his greatest hits – from “Tiny Dancer” and “Bennie and the Jets” to “Saturday Night’s Alright” and “Your Song”. He also showcased his backing work with a few duets: “Cold Heart” featuring Lipa, “Don’t Let the Sun Fall on Me” featuring Carlisle, and, of course, “Don’t Break My Heart” featuring D.J.

Elton John performs in concert

During the ceremony, Elton John hailed Los Angeles as the city in which he gained a foothold in the United States in 1970.

(Brian Van der Brugh / Los Angeles Times)

“In 1975, my next guest was here and he sang with me, and we sang this song,” John said before introducing Dee.

“I thought it would be cool to re-enact that amazing moment. So I asked her to come over, and she did. Here’s Kiki D!”

Hordes of fans across generations early on arrived at the stadium to beat the traffic, which was a nightmare projection ahead of the Thursday and Saturday shows. Sunday was no exception.

“I’ve listened to him since he was my dad…and then I went through AIDS, he stepped forward and took the lead…which really means a lot to me,” said concert lead Sean Maas, a 53-year-old registered nurse. from South Los Angeles who wore his very bedazzled version of John’s famous Dodgers uniform from 1975. “Plus, everything he went through with sobriety and drug use…he was a beacon of light to everyone.”

A man and woman dressed as the Shiny Dodger and matching blue feathered boas.

Lance and Alex Hildebrand are copying Elton John’s famous look for a Dodger Stadium gala on Sunday.

(Brian Van der Brugh / Los Angeles Times)

“Elton John is an icon,” echoed one of the attendees, Thad Epting, a 51-year-old car salesman from Canyon Lake who wore a rainbow suit with a feather boa and a flashing hat. “He’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and as a kid I heard countless Elton John songs. … As my kids grew up, we always sang Elton John songs in the car. So they were part of my childhood, part of my adulthood, and part From my children’s childhood.

Before saying his final goodbyes, John still had a few more tricks up his glittering sleeves. Towards the end of the show, he welcomed onto the stage his songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, who hugged his friend and gave a standing ovation to John’s band.

“We’ve been writing together since 1967, and…we love each other more than ever,” said John. “He is amazing.”

Next, it was John’s husband, David Furnish, and their two sons, Elijah Joseph Daniel and Zachary Jackson Levon, who waved to the crowd to thunderous applause. John explained that he decided to take a break from touring to spend more time with his family, whom he brought to “show you why I’m retiring”.

Elton John bows

Although Elton John has just wrapped his last concerts in North America, his farewell tour will continue abroad, ending in July.

(Brian Van der Brugh / Los Angeles Times)

With his swan song at Dodger Stadium behind him, John is preparing for the finale of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour – which will resume abroad next year and finish in Stockholm in July.

“Thank you all for dressing up. I’m so glad to see when you’re dressed in the most amazing costumes,” John said during his final speech that night.

“You were successful at first in America, and you bought singles and albums … tapes and CDs – and most importantly you bought tickets to the shows I love most … I want to thank you for that because you made me. Without America, I wouldn’t I be here….I wish you health, love and prosperity.Be nice to each other, okay? Bye.

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