Grindhouse Video Knoxville sells horror movie DVDs and VCRs

Horror movie fans around the world rely on Grindhouse Video to find the best, weirdest, and scariest movies.

Knoxville horror movie fans get an extra bonus this Halloween after the industry leader moved to Knoxville and opened a video store here.

For fans of vintage video stores, horror movies or physical media, Grindhouse Video has everything you could want.

Owner Mike Sandlin originally quit his job in Tampa, Florida, and started selling used DVDs at a flea market. He opened a retail store in 2014 and Grindhouse Video was born.

Mike Sandlin, owner of Grindhouse Video, stands in the aisles at Grindhouse Video in West Knoxville, Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Sandler moved the store from Tampa, Florida, earlier this year.

Sandlin moved to Knoxville in May to be closer to his daughter Courtney Sandlin. He brought Grindhouse Video with him and set up shop at 7212 Kingston Pike. It’s an area larger than the Florida location, which Sandlin never thought would happen.

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“Horror has always been a consistent sell-off,” Sandlin said. “There are more horror collectors, people who will buy physical media, for the horror genre, just because the live stream doesn’t necessarily carry everything.”

Spreading terror all over the world

Grindhouse Video has a global presence. That’s partly because it’s so weird to see a video store these days, let alone one that focuses on horror.

Sandlin has focused on selling scary movies because his shop space in Tampa is limited, and he loves the genre.

“People from all over the world were coming to this[Tampa]store,” Sandlin said. “But I’ve had people come in…like traveling to Tampa and now Knoxville from Australia, Europe, Germany – I think I’ve had someone from Japan-Canada, like all over the country, all over the world, and I’ve come wherever it was for Grindhouse Video “.

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