Hacker gets a PT stop working on an unmodified PS5

Zoom / Loading this onto the PS5 requires jumping through quite a few hoops.

For years now, Hideo Kojima’s cult classic PT (or a “playable trailer” for a file silent hills It can only be played on the 1 million or more increasingly difficult-to-find PS4 consoles that downloaded the free demo (not deleted it) before it was completely removed from the PlayStation Network. Now, a hacker has managed to run the game on an unmodified PlayStation 5 using a second, jailbroken PS5 as an intermediary.

Show Lance McDonald’s streamer PTThe -on-PS5 method, in a broadcast early Monday, details several prerequisites and steps that will make it difficult for many interested players to copy. Chief among them is McDonald’s arrival with a second PS5 that he said had not been connected to electricity in over a year, when he used it to test elden ring network test. This means that the console was still using an older version of PS5 firmware, and was therefore vulnerable to the recently revealed PS5 jailbreak method that Sony patched after the release of firmware 4.3.

With this jailbreak, MacDonald says he can log into the system from a computer using an FTP client and “edit the list of games you are allowed to play on your PS5.” This is important, because even users who previously were able to transfer a legitimate copy of PS4 PT PS5 confronted them with a message that said: “You cannot use this PS4 game or app on PS5.”

This is great if you have an older, jailbreakable PS5. But MacDonald has also found that jailbreaking helps provide a workaround for unmodified PS5s running the latest Sony firmware.

As he said in his podcast, “I was just hoping that if I backup my PS5 USB system… I was right, it turns out it works, it supports the list. So you can edit the list of games you are allowed to play on the PS5 , backed up on USB, and restored to PS5 fully updated. That’s what I did.”

‘Such a strange case’

Aside from having multiple PS5 consoles, MacDonald said his method requires access to a previously accessed PSN account. PT During the short period of availability of the game on PS4. Users also have to jump through some hoops to get the game on PS5; MacDonald said he transferred a downloaded copy of the Internet Archive via USB using the jailbreak system debug menu.

Combined with the need for two PS5s — at least one of which is detachable — MacDonald estimates that “I must be one of the only people in this situation.” And while Sony could patch future PS5 firmware versions to prevent this solution, MacDonald said his setup was a “very strange case” that he doubted it would bother it. However, MacDonald added that they “could definitely ban” me for doing so, which would cut and save his entire collection of PSN games.

Regardless, it’s becoming more and more clear now PTThe long-running lack of PS5 compatibility is a licensing decision on the part of Konami and Sony, not a technical issue inherent to PS5 hardware. with Konami promising To reveal new updates on the future the silent Hill This week’s series, now would be the perfect time for the publisher to offer an official PS5 compatible download PT For those who missed it the first time. How about that, Konami?

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