Halloween stars recount ‘harmful’ interactions with tearful Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween Franchise stars Danielle Harris and Scott Taylor Compton have shared their negative interactions with Jamie Lee Curtis after meeting the Queen of Scream for the first time.

In the last episode of scary talk to me Podcast, Harris and Taylor Compton detail their experiences after attending the premiere of The end of Halloween. Both actors are related to Halloween Franchise, but they never met Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie Strode across several installments. After the movie was shown, the couple attended party after movie party and wanted to use the event as an opportunity for them to introduce themselves. Harris approached Curtis saying that she played her character’s daughter in the fourth installment, to which Curtis said frankly, “I’ve never seen those movies, and I don’t know who you are.” Harris expected that “just kidding” would follow from Halloween mainstay but that moment did not come.

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Taylor Compton had a similar experience with Curtis but was unaware of what happened with Harris due to the turmoil of the event. The actress wanted to share with Curtis how honored she was for taking on the character of Laurie Strode in the 2007 remake of Rob Zombie and its sequel. Taylor Compton did not go into details about her meeting with The end of Halloween star, but as she started to cry, she said it was very similar to what Harris experienced. Taylor Compton said, “We just left [the party] I feel a strong pain “.

Many Laurie Strouds

Harris played Jamie Lloyd, daughter of Laurie Strode in Curtis Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers And the Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge. While Laurie is mentioned in the fourth movie, Curtis did not appear in the movie as he explained that her character died in a car accident. The actor would return to the franchise in a 2007 remake, directed by Zombie, and its 2009 sequel as Annie Brackett, a role created by Nancy Keys in the original 1978 film. Taylor Compton stepped into Curtis’ shoes as Laurie in the remake as well as her follow-up.

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Curtis originated as Laurie Strode in 1978 Halloween He played the character in two different timelines. It came back in 1981 2nd Halloween1998 Halloween H20and 2002 Halloween: Resurrection. When director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride acquired the Blumhouse and Universal Pictures franchise, it was decided to discard all installments after the first film. 2018 Halloween It saw Curtis return in the role that made her a star and served as a direct sequel to director John Carpenter’s classic. A new trilogy was created with this timeline, culminating in The end of Halloween.

Despite their experience at the premiere, they both admitted that Curtis has a lot going on and they think she still deserves all the love from fans for being the face of the franchise. Since this is the first time they have been invited to the premiere of one of the new installments, they were expecting an exciting night with Halloween But they left the event, as they put it, “shocked and agonized” by the experience.

The end of Halloween He currently plays in theaters and streams on Peacock.

source: scary talk to mevia Dread Central

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