How the Thing’s Iconic movie poster was made in just 24 hours

While few films have ever become classics, fewer films have posters that stand the test of time. the original star WarsAnd the Back to the futureAnd the alien All are prime examples of movie posters getting iconic. Among them is the 1982 John Carpenter horror poster, the thing. However, despite the poster’s impact on pop culture, it was made in just 24 hours with the artist having little knowledge of the film’s story.

The poster shows a man in a winter coat with a hood, and from the inside radiating a bright light obscuring the face. It’s a mystery that the movie could be about anything, but after watching, the hidden face seems to perfectly symbolize the alien. The true identity of The Thing is never revealed, as well as the identity of the person disguised as remains a mystery. And the genius of the poster is all thanks to the artist Drew Strozan.

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Drew Strozan didn’t know anything about this thing

the thing It’s notorious for being disastrous in post-production, with hands-on effects that cross budget and early previews incredibly grueling. All production was left at the last minute, advertising included, because days before the posters needed to be lifted, they had none. Thus, the studio approached artist Drew Strozan, who was up to date on designing his poster Blade Runnerand asked him to create a poster in just 24 hours.

Drew accepted the offer and, as reported in a video posted to his Twitter, rushes outside in a winter coat, photographed by his wife in the iconic pose. With this little time, Drew only knew that the movie was about a shape-shifting alien in Antarctica, thus keeping things as mysterious as possible while sticking to the main points. But it’s simplicity that works so well. With the painting finished, he quickly delivered it to the studio. and “When they put it under glass to photograph it, the paint stuck to the glass because the thing was still wet.”

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John Carpenter hates the poster

While the thingThe poster label became iconic, at the time the opposite of what John Carpenter wanted. He made the first recently Halloweenand horror fans have seen several times Friday 13 The movies, and that’s why Carpenter wanted to make them the thing Stand out against the traditional cut. The film features characters who are smarter than the usual horror victims, and the alien is not hunting people around the base to kill them.

However, as given in the thingVoiceover, John Carpenter was heartbroken upon seeing the poster. He thought it made the movie look like another rockstar movie, and that the villain was just another killer without a face, which is somewhat understandable, and was another production issue that Carpenter didn’t want to deal with.

But in the end, horror fans put the thing Among other classics, with another poster by Drew Struzan getting iconic. He even went to draw posters for star WarsAnd the Indiana JonesAnd the fools and many other ’80s classics, making him one of the most popular movie poster artists.

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