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Horror season has come, and is there a better way to get in a better mood than by playing a horror movie? Whether you root for screaming queens to survive or are secretly on the side of the villain, these movies are packed with all the horror to have a scary time. And while it’s fun to watch from your couch, have you ever wondered how you could really shine in your own oblique flick? We’ve consulted those curious to see if they have what it takes to be the “last girl” best life A resident astrologer to see how each zodiac sign dies in a horror movie. Keep scrolling to find out how you’ll meet your Maker and which sign will make it to the end (and who’s secretly the killer!).

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Lauren Ash is an astrologer and writer living in St. Louis. Ash is the resident astrologer for Best Life, Glam, and Sanctuary Astrology. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

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Everyone knows you are the bravest and most daring of the zodiac. While others run frightened or lost in panic, you are the one who devises a heroic plan to save yourself and others. Your cunning and quick-thinking mind is what keeps you alive throughout most of the movie, and you’ll bring out a henchman or two along the way. Sadly, you meet your end as you fend off a villain in a daring showdown that ends with your selfless sacrifice for the good of the group. Although you do not make this person out alive, your friends will always remember your courage in the face of certain torment.

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Let’s be real, Taurus, you probably didn’t want to go on any camping trip that got you into this mess in the first place. But your best friend convinced you to spend the weekend in the scary jungle, and now you find yourself being hunted down by a psycho killer. The good news is that your nerves of steel and your hands-on approach to problem solving keep you alive through most of this terrifying ordeal. However, your loyalty is the reason for your downfall in the end. You die after returning for an injured friend and falling into the trap set by the killer.

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Curious and decisive, you are the first to notice that something is wrong with the group. As the outspoken extrovert of the zodiac, you’re also the first to express your discomfort with everyone, even if they don’t listen at first. Your ability to see the situation from every possible angle is what tells you there’s a killer in the middle, but that’s not enough to keep you alive until morning. You take it upon yourself to pick up a flashlight and explore that loud crash you heard outside the cabin – making you the first victim of whatever killer awaits.

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You have a good read about people, Cancer. You’re one of the most intuitive of the zodiac signs, so you’ll notice if feelings are off pretty quickly. And while you find it hard to stop the tears from flowing once the corpses start hitting the ground, there is a warrior hiding deep in your heart that surprises and delights the audience. You’re the underdog of this horror story, and you’re almost at the end – until you find yourself on the receiving end of a massive betrayal. In the end, the side you trust is what rules your destiny as one of the ultimate victims.

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People know you because of your partying ways, and it’s no secret that you love to have a good time. However, in the face of danger, you are the first to stand up for those around you. The moment things start to go awry, you jump into action with a plan, and aren’t afraid to put your safety on the line. Although you may have survived daring dangers alone, your big mouth is what determines the end for you. After watching most of your friends die, you scream at night to taunt the killer – who attacks you from the shadows to end things once and for all.

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You’re one of the first to die in that movie, Virgo, but not because you’re weak. In fact, your eye for detail means you’re picking up on something almost instantly. While the killer is driving others crazy, you are the one who notices that one of your friends seems too calm for the current situation. After gathering enough evidence that the villain is among you, you infiltrate to call the police, where the aforementioned killer confronts you. The good news is that they congratulate you on being the only one who found out. Bad news? They kill you after you refuse to help them carry out their plan.

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This is not the vacation you signed up for, Libra. What started as a fun trip with your friends turned into a nightmare. You’re the first to come up with a plan (and a good plan at that), but there’s so much clutter that you can’t be heard above the noise. When faced with the prospect of near certain doom, you look to embrace your emotional and romantic side and get as many excitement as possible before time runs out. It’s not the best time to admit that you like another character, but you might not get another chance. In the end, you find yourself and your sweetheart entwined for one last embrace when the killer slips unnoticed and kills you both.

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Dark and mysterious, you know a bleak situation when you see it, Scorpio. The moment things go awry, you’ll start looking for a paranormal explanation or evidence of occult magic being used against you. As a sign of death and rebirth, you are confident in your ability to reverse all the evil deeds that terrorize you and your friends. As a result, you end up finding the hidden hidden chamber full of pentacles and the altar of offerings – just in time for the killer to close the door behind you and present you as a receptacle for any unknown evil behind all of this.

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You are the trickster of the zodiac, Sagittarius. You’re known for your harmless jokes and wise ways, so you think the first few deaths are your friends trying to outsmart you. You spend the movie acting like a comedic relief and treat the whole situation as if it were a big joke. Believe it or not, this gritty stance keeps you alive for the majority of the movie. However, you fall victim to the killer after they reveal their identity and you laugh in their faces, and you still can’t believe any of this is real.

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You take life very seriously, Capricorn. And while your pessimistic view of the world may be seen as a flaw in everyday life, that’s what helps you with this horror movie. Not only can you keep yourself and your allies alive for most of the movie, but you can also discover the identity of the killer before they can take you out. Unfortunately, your strong sense of justice is what you do. After you make your way to safety, you return to find the killer and finish the mission, which ends with both of you mortally wounded. You may be the last victim in this twisted story, but you will emerge as the hero.

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Against all odds and despite all the death scratches, you actually make it alive, Aquarius. You can survive the first half of the movie using your above average problem-solving skills and intelligence (and of course a bit of luck). As the numbers start to dwindle and the killer approaches, it’s your thinking outside the box that gives you an idea to lure them away from the group so you can make your own daring escape. Your plan works perfectly, but unfortunately, you are the only one who sticks to it. You are the only survivor who made it to the service road and was able to flag a car for help.

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Talk about the plot twist! Even if the public knew that the killer was among the group, there was no chance that they would suspect you. And that’s what makes you the perfect villain, Pisces. Your kind and kind character does the trick to lull the group into a false sense of security as you pick out your buddies one by one. And you might have gotten away with it too, if not for that final battle with the group champion who finally ended your reign of terror. or are they? You are quite cunning, so only time will tell if this is really the end or if a sequel is in the works.

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