Jason Sudeikis allegedly spotted Olivia Wilde, and Harry Styles is trying on the Apple Watch

Jason Sudeikis is said to have discovered his ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde’s romance with Harry Styles on a forgotten Apple Watch.

The couple’s former nanny claimed in a new interview with the Daily Mail that the “Ted Lasso” star revealed details of the relationship on a technical device Wilde left behind while filming “Don’t Worry Baby” starring Styles.

Wilde allegedly left without an Apple Watch – which contained cheerful texts between her and Styles – and Sudeikis found the messages.

“Monday morning [of] November 9, when I came back from the weekend, [Jason] He was crying a lot, crying and crying. “I didn’t know what happened at all,” the nanny claimed.

“After I got the kids ready, Jason went upstairs and drank some coffee. He would cry in a mess, saying, ‘You left us. You left us!’”

The nanny — who helped care for the couple’s two children, Daisy, 6, and Otis, 8 — claimed that Sudeikis quickly prevented staff from listening to any of Styles’ music in his home following the revelations.

The nanny, who has not been named, claims Sudeikis, 47, was utterly shocked when Wilde, 38, cut things off — despite the Don’t Worry Sweetie director claim their split was amicable.

Jason Sudeikis on the red carpet.
Jason Sudeikis allegedly discovered Olivia Wilde’s entanglement with Harry Styles on an old Apple Watch.
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“He was heartbroken – I could feel it,” the nanny claimed. He started telling me the details [of her relationship with Styles] He said: I carried the movement on him. She made the first move on him.”

The nanny also claimed that Sudeikis once threw himself under Wilde’s car in an attempt to keep her from leaving to go see the “Sugar Melon” singer, 28.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles from London.
Wilde first sparked romance rumors with Wilde in January 2021.
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“She came home and he came in, and he was back and forth. He said he was doing it on purpose to make her go see Harry late,” the nanny claimed.

Jason told me, ‘She made this salad and made her own dressing and she’s leaving with her salad for dinner with her. [Harry]. ”

Things eventually came to a breaking point when Sudeikis allegedly fired a childcare worker while he was intoxicated.

‘He said, ‘You’re going to bring your things and go out. Why are you sending her messages?’ I said, ‘Jason, you’ve been drinking and I can tell you’re drunk.’ “You are very angry and I am afraid of you,” the nanny claimed.

Olivia Wilde holds legal documents.
Wilde received legal documents regarding child custody from Sudeikis in April.
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Wilde and Sudeikis split in 2020 after more than seven years together. By January 2021, Wilde had passed on her love for Styles to the public, although she denied leaving Sudeikis for the former One Direction member.

Things turned uglier for the former directors when Wilde was publicly filed legal papers in April while she was speaking on a panel at CinemaCon.

“Obviously Jason’s actions were intended to threaten me and catch me off guard,” Wilde claimed, although Sudeikis claimed he never intended to file the legal papers publicly.

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