Just getting ready to start Dolphins vs Steelers game

Miami — This week he will prepare to be the Dolphins’ quarterback against the Pittsburgh Steelers, coach Mike McDaniel said, referring to his return to the football field after spending the past two weeks on concussion protocol.

Tagovailoa started football activities last week and ditched concussion protocol on Saturday, but was not active for the Dolphins’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6. McDaniel said he felt “really satisfied” about bringing Tagoviloa back to the training ground and liked how he responded. This will be his first full week of training since week three and McDaniel said the impact of his return to the squad is clear.

“He’s a captain,” McDaniel said. “He’s a captain for a reason, and as I’ve told you guys from the start, I think he’s a very, very good player in that position.” “So the very good players, they definitely give people a boost – not because of what other people don’t do but just because it’s himself. So it’s a strong fabric for this team, and that’s exciting when you start playing with one of your brothers, that’s why the team is going to be excited and it’s going to be fun.” .

Tagoviloa has not played since Miami’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on September 29, when he suffered a concussion that led to a brief hospitalization after hitting his head on the ground. The play occurred four days after a similar incident against the Buffalo Bills on September 25, when Tagoviloa hit his head on the ground and stumbled while trying to return to the rally.

He was evaluated for a concussion at the end of the first half of the Bills game, but he passed his examination. Tagoviloa and the team later explained that it was a back injury he sustained earlier that caused the trip.

The Dolphins lost both games that Tagovailoa missed, raising their record to 3-3 after starting the season with three straight wins. At the time of his injury, Tagoviloa led the NFL in QBR and ranked second in passing yards and third in passing. He was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week in Week Two after throwing 469 yards and 6 touchdowns – both of his career highs – in a comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens.

McDaniel said he spoke with Tagovailoa about finding the balance between fighting to keep play alive and learning when to accept that a particular play won’t work.

“There are risks in this game and you have to be able to control the controllable items,” McDaniel said. “One thing for him is that you like his competitive nature, but there’s a time in a play where you have to kind of compromise, and that’s where he was kind of focused because it’s a bit unnatural for him. It’s all interference, and he doesn’t like when plays aren’t working. Well Sometimes they don’t.

“That’s something he recognizes, and I think that’s a consistency of all the really great quarterbacks that you think of, the guys that you look up to, the guys that are a model for how to play the position, finding ways to be available. And part of that is that privilege, but that — all the things that Taken in mind, maybe that’s a good problem for the opponent. You just need to be able to understand your importance to the team and how the best play you can do sometimes is the gift.”

Miami’s crime witnessed a sharp decline without Tagoviloa on the field. During the first three weeks of the season, the Dolphins ranked first and second in the league in points per lead, and added projected attacking points, respectively. In the time since, they have fallen to 28th in offensive EPA and 29th in points per lead.

Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson both started matches in place of Tagovailoa but both were forced out of their lone start due to concussion protocol and thumb injury, respectively. Dolphins’ offensive lineman Robert Hunt said after Sunday’s game that injuries were “part of the job” for the NFL, adding on Monday that while Tagoviloa’s return would be motivating, they have a job to do no matter who plays. in the middle.

“Tiwa she is a toa — toa is our leader,” said Hunt. “He’s the guy running the show and we’d be excited to bring him back. But exactly what I said – if he’s not, and there’s someone else in there, we still have to do our job and try to play and win the game.”

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