Live coverage of the Broncos vs Chargers game on Monday Night Football

The Denver Broncos almost scored the franchise on the penalty yards, however, somehow, the defense kept them in this game. The Los Angeles Chargers led the ball a lot, but they stopped in the red. In overtime, a lightning kick by Montreal Washington sealed their fate in overtime, giving the Chargers an easy field goal to win 19-16.

Game updates

4:55 p.m. city time: Albert Okwijpunam was a surprising healthy scratcher for tonight’s game. With rookie Greg Dulcich back from IR, it looks like Albert O’s kennel is getting even more extreme.

6:14 PM city time: Denver won the opening coin and postponed possession to the second half. I’m not sure if it matters either way. The offense didn’t do much at the beginning or end of either halve.

6:33 PM city time: Russell Wilson and Broncos offense overcame early penalty kicks from Lloyd Kochenberry and Cam Fleming to lead the field to score the first score of the match. Brandon McManus was kicking a field goal from 51 yards to give Denver an early 3-0 lead.

6:45 PM city time: After getting the ball back, the Broncos will return to the big games for a 10-0 jump on the charger. First was a 37-yard pass to Jerry Goody in third and long, then Wilson found rookie Greg Dolch open for a 39-yard touchdown pass.

7:02 PM city time: Justin Herbert and Charger responded with a 15-game, 82-yard run, which culminated in a 6-yard drop by Austin Eckler to cut the lead to a field goal at 10-7.

7:19 PM city time: The Broncos announced that DL Dre’Mont Jones would be in doubt to return to the match with a neck injury. He’s back in the game after a few times playing.

7:27 PM city time: With about a minute into the break, the shipper was able to tie things up at a ratio of 10-10 each. Their hopes of landing successive plays for Baron Browning have been dashed. First, he sacked Justin Herbert and then veered off his third bottom pass.

7:31 PM city time: All Wilson and Bronco needed was to get the ball back in just 53 seconds. Wilson linked up with KJ Hamler on the 47-yard bomb That ultimately led to a score of points and Denver’s lead in the first inning by 13-10 in the first inning. Complete summary of the second quarter.

8:02 PM city time: The Chargers marched down the field just after their opening second-half possession, but the Denver defense tightened into the red zone to force another field goal attempt. Los Angeles will tie things up at 13 in the middle of the third quarter.

8:23 PM city time: Denver’s problems continued into the third quarter through this game. They scored zero, while the Chargers scored on their first possession and are in range to start the fourth quarter in second. Complete summary of the third quarter.

8:26 PM city time: Beleaguered rookie full back Damary Mattis received three calls to interfere with the defensive pass against him in this match, but he never gave up. He advanced dramatically in fourth to break a pass to get the ball back to Denver.

8:40 PM city time: After returning to the Chargers, the Broncos defense had to return for another lead. Justin Herbert’s first pass was passed by Cowan Williams as Baron Browning intercepted it at the Chargers’ 30-yard line. Offense would do nothing with that opportunity except to give Brandon McManus a 47-yard field goal attempt that put Denver back on top 16-13.

8:54 PM city time: Denver’s defense went to a crazy penalty kick in the Chargers’ following campaign. 4 minutes before kickoff, the Chargers added a field goal to tie the game at 16. However, Denver has 151 penalty yards, the most a team has scored in a single game in more than forty years.

9:13 PM city time: Both teams couldn’t do much in the final minutes and the match was heading into extra time all restricted at 16.

9:32 PM city time: With overtime dropping and forcing the Broncos defense to win a three-second and out in overtime, PJ Locke in Montreal Washington was blocked by a muffled kick that the Charger recovered as they would net a 39-yard field goal for a 19-16 win.

Game preview

The Denver Broncos (2-3) are on the road Monday night for football to take on their West Asian rival, the Los Angeles Chargers (3-2). A win for either team would keep them within reach of leading the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 2022 regular season is still relatively young, but for the Broncos, they are already standing up against a wall in West Asia. They lost to the Las Vegas Raiders two weeks ago, and if they lose again tonight to the Chargers, it could all be lost. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett noted that winning the division matches is important, but the focus now is just to get a winning period.

“For us, we are now 0-1 in the West,” Hackett said last week. “The past is the past now. We have to find a way to win a football match. It happens to be an opponent from the West which makes it even more exciting because it has competed. It is a very good football team. We have to get out of there and we have to go after that.”

All the narratives built around this Bronco team can be destroyed in five matches by performing and winning against a team of playoff caliber like Justin Herbert Chargers.

Kickoff is set at 6:15 p.m. Mile High time on Monday, October 17, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Englewood, California. You can watch the game live on FuboTV or on NBC.

my expectations

In partnership with DraftKings Sportsbook, I’m covering all my picks this year on TallySight. Our staff are fairly confident that the Broncos will lay another egg in this game, as everyone expected Team Chargers to lose tonight. I was the only optimist who thought the Broncos could win this match.

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