Lucasfilm Loses Senior Exec Amid Star Wars Movie Struggles

Lucasfilm has released quite a bit of the Star Wars series exclusively on Disney+ since then The Mandalorian It started broadcasting in 2019. At that time, shows like boba fett book And the Obi-Wan Kenobi They have had a huge amount of success on the streaming platform.

In the coming years, Disney+’s release schedule will be even busier, with nearly a dozen series confirmed to be released. However, many fans have had complaints about the movie side of the franchise, which has been completely empty since 2019 Heavenly Rise.

Disney and Lucasfilm had plans to keep the galaxy far, far away from the big screen, but this journey has been rocky so far.

It was supposed to be the first movie to follow the end of the Skywalker Saga Rogue Squadronwhich was directed by Patty Jenkins and was due for release in December 2023. The movie was announced all the way in 2020 but didn’t appear to have any real developments until it was canceled from Disney’s release schedule in September.

With Star Wars movies still up in the air, a top Lucasfilm CEO recently resigned from her position, adding to the uncertainty ahead.

Lucasfilm’s Michele Rajwan is stepping down as first vice president

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A recent report from Deadline revealed that Michelle Rajwan, who has served as Lucasfilm’s senior vice president of live-action development and production since 2019, recently resigned from her position. However, she will remain at Lucasfilm as a full-time producer.

Rajwan was appointed Senior Vice President in June 2019 after working as a Producer in The force wakes up And the Heavenly Rise. Her job duties consist of overseeing all Star Wars live content, including a new slate of feature films and the Disney+ series. It also played a major role in the future of Star Wars, especially when it came to the theatrical releases.

It’s not clear why Rajwan relinquished her position at Lucasfilm, but it’s important to note that every Star Wars movie announced while she was VP hasn’t made it past development. This includes the untitled Taika Waititi movie as well as the Patty Jenkins movie Rogue Squadron.

Another report from the past claimed that Jenkins and Rajwan were unable to come to an agreement on the film’s script, which apparently happened with several of the filmmakers set to direct an upcoming Star Wars movie. It’s important to remember that Rian Johnson was promised a triple by Lucasfilm after the success last seriouswhich is also not close to seeing daylight.

Good news for future Star Wars movies?

The original trilogy is known as some of the most impactful flicks of all time. Even the prequel trilogy broke down barriers on the technical side of filmmaking. The bottom line is that most people associate Star Wars with the big screen. Due to the impact of these films on the entertainment world, many fans would like to see the franchise again in the cinema.

It’s clear that Michelle Ragwan has had a huge impact on all of the live Star Wars projects as Senior Vice President. Lucasfilm has focused heavily on pushing content to Disney+ since the end of the Skywalker Saga, but many fans are getting impatient precisely because the studio has promised that the movies will come out soon, only to have them later cancelled.

Rajwan’s stepping down may indicate that Lucasfilm is finally ready to move forward on these promises. The Taika Waititi movie is still on the upcoming list, as are the Kevin Feige movie and a few other untitled features. If Lucasfilm can appoint a senior vice president who is excited about their work and willing to work closely with the filmmakers, Star Wars may have a chance to return to theaters sooner than fans think.

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