Medford actress in Spirited with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds

Kim Niemi has always dreamed of being an actress, and even though life did its best to stand in her way, she worked on motivating her more than ever. This year, she appeared in her first two films, demonstrating the success of her talent and determination.

“It feels great,” said Niemi. “It’s like validating something you’re working towards sometimes feels delusional and then you’re like, oh no wait, no, actually I’m supposed to do this.”

She even found her own niche: a pre-20th century holiday person; Niemi works alongside Tony Hale in the opening scenes of “Hocus Pocus 2,” in which she lashes out at the younger Sanderson sisters for their lack of respect for men, and she’s currently appearing in Spirited, a new Christmas musical starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, in which She played a waitress in the tavern from the 19th century.

“Spirited” opens in select theaters on Friday, November 11th and will premiere on Apple TV+ on November 18th.

Kim Niemi acting history

Nemi grew up wanting to be an actress, starting around the age of eight when she began watching “The Love Boat,” a professional desire that only got stronger after she saw a professional production of the musical “Annie” in Boston. In high school, she performed in musical theater with her school’s drama club and with The Mystic Players in Medford.

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