Movie review: Black Adam is exactly the DC movie Warner Bros. needs. right Now

Let’s be honest, DC and Warner Bros. have passed. recently with a rough treatment.

“Wonderful Woman 84” did not live up to the high standard set by its predecessor. There was a cancellation of “Batgirl” as a tax write-off. “Aquaman” is delayed. People are divided over whether they would prefer Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck to play Batman.

The TV show, Peacemaker, was popular but appears to have been overshadowed by movie dramas, and is on a streaming app that may be turned off.

Then there’s the drama surrounding the much-delayed “The Flash” and starring Ezra Miller, as each day seems to bring a new rumor through the summer.

But, while “Black Adam,” which hits theaters Friday, may not be a perfect movie, it might actually be the perfect tale of some of the issues that have been surrounding the DC Extended Universe, or DCEU as it’s sometimes called.

As with many superhero movies, whether from DC or Marvel, Black Adam has its flaws. It relies a lot on CGI – sometimes on its own – and the plot unnecessarily zigzags in places. There are also some points where you might ask yourself, “Have I never seen Marvel do this before?”

At the same time, it’s clear that the people working on the movie have set out to have fun – and thus make it interesting for the audience – and he’s making it happen in spades.

It’s a fun and entertaining gift that allows moviegoers to sit back, relax, and check out the stresses of the real world for two hours. It’s not “Wonder Woman” or “Thor: Ragnarok,” but it’s still a pretty good popcorn flick.

The brave days of Zach Snyder films in DC are clearly a thing of the past. Influences from other superhero movies, from Marvel’s “Black Panther” and “Ant Man” to DC’s “Wonder Woman,” can be found throughout the film.

The characters are allowed to be funny and funny, however there is still room to be serious and have epic fighting sequences.

This is also possibly the best acting performance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on screen. I know the bar isn’t quite high in this regard, but it’s decent in the movie.

Some people may disagree and say this is his worst acting job. I say to these people, “Have you seen ‘San Andreas’?” “

Pierce Brosnan is a gem in his role as “Doctor Fate”. He brings the magic and wit he used in the role of James Bond and mixes it with the weirdness that comes with a character who has supernatural and bizarre relationships.

The filmmakers also enjoyed some of the real-life behind-the-scenes drama that surrounds DC movies. At one point, Black Adam is startled and accidentally blows up a Superman poster.

The incident leaves a giant burn mark obscuring Superman’s face, a fun nod to the ongoing drama and speculation that’s been going on for some time over who will play Superman in DCEU from now on.

But, there are some film related issues that need to be addressed.

The plot is a bit wonky at times, for example.

The things we see in the movie about how Teth Adam acquires his powers not only conflict with the Council of Wizards dialogue in the movie about his actions, but they also conflict with a reference to Teth Adam in the 2019 movie “Shazam.”

Were the witches really the ones who chose poorly? I disagree.

There is also no explanation as to why the Kandaks spoke English thousands of years before its existence.

By the way, Kahndaq is where the movie takes place. Don’t bother asking where exactly Kahndaq is located, though. It was never explained but obviously somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa or something.

“Black Adam” is also located in the cliched “It’s a superhero movie, so the heroes have to fight each other at first”. In fact, she spends a lot of time indulging in those cliches.

This is at least the third time audiences have seen it in a DCEU movie, and Marvel did so in “Captain America: Civil War.” The X-Men movies have done this many times (although, like the Justice League, they tried the “one hero doesn’t act like them” style).

He’s a really tired and worn out horse.

Finally, we find ourselves compelled to talk about the CGI-enhanced version of the villain in this movie.

It’s as if DC learned nothing from his first attempt at Steppenwolf from Joss Whedon’s version of Justice League because that’s the kind of CGI we get for the big bad in this movie.

It’s about 2023. If you’re going to insist on taking in all of the CGI villains instead of live actors covered in makeup and prosthetics, moviegoers deserve better than that.

If you’re just looking to entertain a few hours, you can shrug off these issues and enjoy this movie – although we all know Cinema Sins and Honest Trailers guys wouldn’t overlook any of these drawbacks once they get their hands on the movie.

However, this movie’s mistakes might be a bit annoying, but it doesn’t ruin the movie. Black Adam is a good popcorn movie. It’s also a superhero movie. what do you want? Twenty-first century citizen “Kane?”

And after everything DC and Warner Bros. have been through. In the past few years, a good popcorn movie is exactly the kind of movie they need right now.

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