Netflix announces game-streaming plans three weeks after the attempted Google bombings

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In the wake of google sTadia announced recentlycompletely inevitable Breaking down, the launch of a new streaming gaming service might sound a bit gritty. But then, if you use Netflix, you definitely have at least some infrastructure in place. The Flowing Giant made clear his intentions to jump into this space. And it has already announced the opening of a new game studio, led by Chaco Sonny, a former Blizzard executive.

For a long time, cloud gaming (which allows you to play a game over an internet connection on technology stored elsewhere) was a goal that many failed to achieve.. From OnLive to Microsoft’s Mixer, to Google’s Stadia, it’s a graveyard of failure. But it looks like Netflix is ​​still ready to get over the cadavers.

reported by protocolMike Verdo, Vice President of Game Development at Netflix, spoke at TechCrunch disabled Yesterday, he said, “We’re exploring the cloud gaming offering very seriously.”

It’s not exactly a surprising move. Netflix has been making strides in gaming for a while now, buying companies Such as Oxenfri Night Dive developersand published dozens of mobile games, including premium in the breach. Recently, Netflix paid for mobile development on Sam Barlow’s latest FMV title, immortality. But despite being a company best known for streaming TV and movies to your TV, their game offerings were all completely separate downloads for mobile. Obviously linking the two together makes sense.

Well, it makes sense in a world where video game streaming has proven to be a huge success. Despite being offered in various forms by Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate, Sony’s PlayStation Plus (PlayStation Now sucks), Amazon’s Luna, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, none of them are an explosive hack anymore, rendering home consoles obsolete. And the The embarrassing Google Stadia fail recently You will definitely put off many others breathing in the market.

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Stadia’s failure can easily be traced back to Google’s fly-like product life, but it’s important to note that it was an attempt to offer true game streaming independently of any other service. When console versions, you know, require the console, and GeForce Now on the back of your pre-purchased collection of games, this aborted attempt was the “Netflix For Games” we’ve long promised. Therefore, it probably makes sense that the next attempt would be to realize that it comes from Netflix itself.

protocol He says Verdu wants a slow, subtle approach, “in the same way we’ve used mobile”. With 35 mobile games already out there, and 55 more on the way according to a recent earnings report, it would be a bit ridiculous not to try.

Take Crunch Verdu quotes him as saying that Netflix won’t be looking to compete with consoles, but rather that it’s an “add value”. And about Stadia? Verdu attributes this to “business model issues”. The technology was there, he claims, But it did not reach the customer. However, it looks like Verdu won’t be drawn to whether Netflix will develop its own console.

On the same panel, Verdu revealed that Netflix is ​​opening its own game development studio in Southern California, led by the former Note and watch Executive Producer, Chacko Sonny, Who left Blizzard “for a while” During the 2021 shake-up in the company after the Cosby Gateway. “He could have done anything, but he chose to come here,” Verdo said at the conference. “You don’t get people like that coming into your organization to build the next big thing in gaming unless there’s a sense that we’re really involved in it for the long run and in it for the right reasons.” The goal is to make half of the games that Netflix publishes their IP address in the future.

Well, if games start popping up next to movies in my Netflix list, and I can play them right on my TV, I wouldn’t say no! And given the company’s focus on mobile gaming, it’s a lot less technical than trying to play the best AAA movies with virtually no lag.

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