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Bayonetta 3’s voice actress Jennifer Hill has “full support” from the developer, even as she thanks “contributors” to the series amid a discussion about paying the game’s cast.

Statement from PlatinumGames via Twitter He tries to draw a line under the recent controversy, while supporting Bayonetta’s new voice.

“We at PlatinumGames offer our sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the creation of the Bayonetta series over the years, as well as to the community that served as its foundation,” she said. “We give our full support to Jennifer Hill as the new Bayonetta, and we go with everything in her statement.”

The controversy began when the original voice actress Helena Taylor hinted that she would not be returning earlier in the year. Taylor, better known as Bayonetta’s voice, was beloved by fans of the series, and when Jennifer Hale was cast in the role instead, the replacement wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm.

“I understand some fans’ concerns about the voice changing at this point in the series, but Jennifer’s performance was far beyond what we could have imagined,” Platinum Games said at the time. “I am confident that her portrayal of Bionetta will exceed our fans’ expectations.”

These concerns were amplified when Taylor claimed she was only offered $4,000 to return, but that’s where it all gets a bit messy.

“The Bayonetta franchise has grossed approximately $450 million, and that doesn’t include merchandise,” Taylor said. “As an actor, I trained for seven and a half years – three years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art with voice coach Barbara Berkeri, and four and a half years with legend Larry Moss in Los Angeles. And what did they think this was worth? What did they offer to pay me? It was the final show to do the game The entirety as a fixed-price $4000 purchase.”

Taylor then called on Bayonetta fans to boycott the game, and while Hill was unable to comment on the situation, she issued a response:

“As a longstanding member of the voice acting community, I support every actor’s right to be well paid and have consistently advocated for it for years,” she said, adding that she “has not been free to speak up about this situation,” but that she hopes that “everyone can of those concerned to resolve their differences in an amicable and respectful manner.”

The situation becomes more complicated as there appears to be a report confirming that Taylor has actually been offered $15,000 for her return – a significant increase in her pay for Bayonetta 2. Despite this, Platinum Games is clearly trying to draw a line under it all and has called on fans not to Contempt for Hill or the “other contributors” to the series.

“We ask people to refrain from any further comments that would be disrespectful to Jennifer or any of the other contributors to the series,” they said.

Bayonetta 3 is scheduled for release on October 28, 2022.

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