Rivera announced that Heinicke would take over as QB1 moving forward

Head coach Ron Rivera told reporters that Taylor Hynecke will continue to be the Washington Chiefs’ starting quarterback following the club’s 23-10 victory over the Houston Texans.

“We’ll go with Taylor,” Rivera said. We’ll use Carson [Wentz] Go back and see where Carson is in terms of whether he’s ready to be the understudy. Then we go from there.”

Heinicke entered the lineup leaders in Week 7 after Wentz, the team’s starter in Week 1, fractured his finger the previous week. Washington has won four of Heineke’s five games since then, including an impressive victory over the previously unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles last Monday night.

“It’s a special moment. It’s something I’ve been working at my whole life,” Heinicke said in the game post on his starting selection. “Being the NFL quarterback, it’s every kid’s dream. It means a lot to me, it’s very special to me. I just want to keep this thing going.”

Rivera emphasized that Heinicke does not have a short leash going forward.

“I’m not looking to take anyone out. I’m not looking to take anyone out,” Rivera said. “What I’m looking for is for us to continue to do is play well and do things we’re supposed to do. This isn’t a competition as much as it’s controversial. That’s the last thing on my mind. … The most important thing for midfielders is that Taylor starts When we get ready to play Atlanta.”

For the second time in as many years, Heinicke is now Washington’s QB1 after starting the season as a quarterback for the club. In 2021, Heinicke replaced Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1 and started 15 of the team’s last 16 contests, his only absence due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This time around, Heinicke—who admitted he felt more comfortable with a year of starting experience under his belt—took control of Washington’s QB job, bringing more energy to the leaders offense when the group needed it most. .

“He continues to bring great energy to the building, great energy to this offense,” said Brian Robinson Jr.. “He’s a high-energy guy and we could easily get behind him. [He’s] Someone who can motivate us easily. We are excited to have him and expect continued success.”

After starting the season 1-4, the Leaders now sit at 6-5 — the first time Washington has surpassed . 500 late in the season since 2018. Washington’s success with Heinicke under center is the main reason the Leaders are holding onto him at quarterback.

“Winning. That’s the truth of it,” said Rivera. “This is where we are now.”

Heinicke didn’t have his best singles performance Sunday in Houston. The quarterback completed 15 of 27 passes for 191 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. For the second straight week, Heinicke failed to throw a touchdown pass.

And although the Captains dominated Sunday’s game in Houston from start to finish, Heineke feels the offense left a lot to be desired.

“I think we left a lot of points on the field,” Henke said. We have to play more cleanly, but a win is a win. It’s hard to win this league. I’m proud of the guys but there is a lot of room for improvement.”

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Statistics don’t tell the whole story, of course, but the numbers show Washington’s offense was more productive with Heinicke under center. The running game, behind duo Robinson and Antonio Gibson, has really come to a head in the past two weeks. Terry McLaurin, the team’s top wide receiver, was targeted at a much higher rate (and contributed a lot) with Heinicke as well.

In 2021, Heinicke doesn’t have nearly as many talented skill players around him as he does this season. McLaurin and Gibson have proven what they can do in football, but the additions this year of Robinson, first-round Jahan Dotson and a healthy Curtis Samuel have been equally important in the leaders offense.

“This is a team you want to be on, be a quarterback for sure,” Heineke said. “With all the weapons we have, the offensive line playing the way they are now and the defense we have…for me, it’s just trying to get better every day.”

Heinicke, who has become close to Wentz since the latter joined the team this offseason, admitted that the whole situation has the potential to be difficult for the former Washington QB1. Heinicke had a lot of positive things to say about how Wentz has handled everything over the past five weeks.

“It must have been difficult for him. I see. He did nothing wrong. It’s a strange circumstance,” Henke said. “He’s done an amazing job. He helps me in every meeting any way he can. He’s in my ear when I’m back on the sidelines. He tries to help me out. He’s a great leader for this team. And I don’t see that messing with what Ron just said. He’s a great teammate.” A great person and someone you want in the dressing room.”

Heinicke’s wild football journey is well documented, from the XFL to sleeping on his sister’s couch to becoming an NFL starting quarterback again. If anyone knows how quickly things can change in the league, it’s Heinicke.

Now with another chance to prove himself, Heinicke is ready to take the paces of the leaders at the start of the road.

“I’ve said this before: I take every opportunity I get and enjoy it,” Henneke said. “Something might change in a couple of weeks and he’s back there, who knows? So I’m going to have fun this week, go out there and do my best and hopefully win. That’s how I’m going to keep going. And I feel like I’m doing my best to do that.”

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