Rorschach (2022) Movie Review – A simple psychological thriller that attacks your psyche

Well-executed experience in the Neo-noir genre

When it comes to releasing movies with intense plot and bankable story, the Malayalam film industry can be considered one of the most superior in India. Over the past few years, due to the pandemic, movie lovers have been flocking to various film industries across the globe which explains the boom of the Malayalam film industry.

Known for his huge roles over the past five decades, the mega star Mammootty is now beginning to experiment more with the stories he chose to present, and his 2022 releases are proof of that fact.

Throughout his 150-minute runtime, Rorschach tells the story of a NRI man named Luke Anthony who recently returned from Dubai. After meeting her in an unexplained accident, Luke’s wife, Sophia, goes missing. And to increase the stakes, Sophia was pregnant when she disappeared.

Concerned about the sudden disappearance of her wife, Locke reported the incident to the police. Since there is absolutely no trace of Sophia, the cops conclude that Luke’s wife was attacked by an animal and suggest that he simply go ahead.

Luke decides to try to find Sophia himself and befriend a villager named Balan. However, Luke clearly has a lot more going on under the hood than he initially allowed. Rorschach’s story isn’t too complicated to decipher and get it off the bat, you know his true motives are more sinister than we’ve been led to believe.

As the plot progresses, Luke’s true intent is revealed and viewers finally understand what the story is all about. Aside from the vengeful Luke, the characters of Seetha and Dileep (despite his limited appearance) are a lasting influence.

The concept of legacy and how important it is for souls to obtain salvation (moksha) after their death may be foreign to most young and modern viewers, but Rorschach attempts to bridge this gap and presents a written plot for revenge.

Luke does nothing to harm the living and every death or accident in the movie is but a result of various human vices like greed and fear, among others. The movie’s strong story and execution definitely takes the cake.

Just like the psychological test, Rorschach can be seen differently by different viewers, which gives the movie some depth. The movie has a decent pace as well, and it doesn’t hide any plot points from the viewer which makes it a simple watch. However, the ending is something that leaves one shocked and wanting more.

If there’s one thing really special about the movie, it’s the cinematography. In particular, the action of the camera, which is beyond perfection. Long cinematic shots plus limited jump scares are enough to keep viewers battling between calm and chaos. In one scene in particular a butterfly appears and enters the scene, and we know Dilip will appear.

The Rorschach psychological test was represented by a butterfly and it was for one moment that the writer made it seem as if the writer was starting to stir the minds of the viewers. The OST of Rorschach is unique to a movie from any regional language I’ve seen in a while.

With bleak all-English tracks playing in the background in the first half of the movie, the songs pick up speed during chase or fight scenes making one feel as intense as the characters. The dialogues were stable throughout the film and it was Mammootty’s character, Luke’s sweet, sarcastic sense of humor, that made me laugh every now and then.

Rorschach is certainly a deep dive into one’s psyche, and theorists are already making various assumptions about the way the film ended. The story is linear but aims to make the viewer think, which is great for this day and age. Rorschach is currently enjoying worldwide success and definitely deserves it. This one is worth seeing!

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