Seahawks 19 Winners and Losers, Cardinals 9

Not only did the Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals, they did it through defense! After consecutive weeks of penalty shoot-out football, they triumphed in a defensive struggle 19-9 that was reminiscent of the early years of the Seahawks era in Legion of Boom. Not only are the Seahawks a .500 again, but they’re also in for a big mix in the very disappointing and turbulent NFC West.

Time for winners and losers!


line of defense, especially Bona Ford and Brian Moon

The pass dash was great and other than a few attempts by Kyler Murray, the running defense was (finally) on point. Murray was repeatedly harassed and sacked six times, including five times by outside linebackers or defensive tackles. Bona Ford and Brian Moon, who have struggled so hard this season, have been fantastic. After making only two losing interventions for the past two weeks combined, the Seahawks’ defense had a whopping ten! She looked like a completely different group than what we’ve seen over the past five weeks.

Ford, Moon, Shelby Harris and Quinton Jefferson have all risen in the Woods’ absence and deserve enormous praise.

Tariq Woolen and Kobe Bryant

I’m going to have to keep putting them in this column as a duo, because they’re exciting. Bryant had his best coverage match and scored a defensive pass, but his biggest contribution was the forced stumble on Keeler Murray who was recaptured by Tariq Wolin. Bryant already had four forced tackles during the year, and Wolin had four interceptions in as many weeks. These are the ballhawks that the Seahawks have been begging for their post Legion of Boom growing up so fast.

Wolin in particular is rarely targeted and when he does he responds with INTs. He already has more interceptions than the entire Seahawks cornerback from 2021.

Daryl Taylor

The man needed it. Taylor scored his second sack of the season and made a big tackle to lose on Rondale Moore for a seven-yard loss. Given his struggle against running and inability to generate pressure, this was a welcome sight.

Oceana Nosu

He gives him another sack to Nwosu three times a year, and he remains one of the bright spots in the Seahawks’ defense. This is a free proxy signature that definitely worked.

Ryan Neal

He’s so much better than Josh Jones that he’s not even funny. Neil got a sack in a well-executed blitz.

Jordan Brooks

While Cody Barton’s role appears to have been reduced (in this case, thanks to Clint Hurt!), Brooks has been solid covering the pass and keeping up the run. Brooks led the team on the interventions and unlike previous weeks this wasn’t an empty calorie count.

Kenneth Walker III

The Apprentice appeared opposite Sean Alexander and rose to the lead role of Rashad Penny in style. In 23 touches, he hits 110 yards and touches down, and that’s with an offensive line that doesn’t provide a lot of holes for him to run through. Walker had many exciting rides that demonstrated his balance, uncanny abilities, vision, strength and speed.

Hopefully, his frequent preference for his thigh wasn’t a big thing as the Seahawks’ rushing attack would need him for weeks to come.

D Ascridge

Yes, D-Eskridge! Three catches for 39 yards, with each catch resulting in a first landing. He’s tying his career high at receptions, setting a new, better sign for yards, and so much needed in a day when Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalfe had only four joint receptions.

Jason Myers

Four field goals, four Myers goals. He’s missed both in the last two games (one FG and one PAT) but he’s been flawless today and has points at a higher price – all while not even his other player has been reliable with his kick from 40 – which is something we can’t overlook.


offensive line

Damien Lewis in particular seemed to be having a terrible day at the office. The Cardinals love to attack and felt the Seahawks didn’t handle this aggressiveness well. Charles Cross and Abby Lucas had bad actors and seemed to be physically advanced. Even much of Kenneth Walker’s success was more solo brilliance than stellar blocking. I’m not too upset that they were going to play one of those games. I think Arizona’s defense is more talented than their lackluster rating suggests.

Noah you are

I know he led the team in receptions (6) and received yards (45) but for some reason I am amazed by his playing. There is an impulse that practically destroyed him by turning what should have been a gain first into George Keitel’s lame possession by stopping his momentum in vain rather than moving forward through contact. He also had a drop that eventually led to a punt and hit Kenneth Walker on a whack block that destroyed a third run. It’s been an up and down day for Fant but I’ve been meaning to write about Fant’s performance for a while and didn’t see much like him.

Punt Protection

Michael Dixon’s relegation confusion happened mainly because the ban was so terrible that Dixon would either have his bet blacked out or he would be dealt in the end zone for safety. Dixon should have better ball security than that, but he also shouldn’t be put in those terrible situations. Special teams have cost the Seahawks three turnovers already, and an actual fourth due to Mayhem Saints last week.

Final notes

  • Geno Smith is neither a winner nor a loser. There were at least three passes he threw that were risky and could have been picked up, and some of those sacks were in his possession. But on the critical descent, it was steep, going 5/6 for 65 yards before letting Walker do the rest on the ground. Vance Joseph is creative with his lightning attacks and I suspect he threw Seahawks (and Geno) away. The Big plus’s advantage was Geno’s ability to move, which netted him 48 yards.
  • DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett didn’t have much to do, but three of the four hunted led to first touchdowns, so they made the most of their limited opportunities.
  • Quandre Diggs losing another operation (in the field shooting campaign) is painful. This cannot continue.
  • Watching the Arizona attack is horrific and contrary to what I expected, I’m not sure DeAndre Hopkins is the magic cure for everyone. Keeler Murray looked irritated and inaccurate, while Cliff Kingsbuttery has a dangerous obsession with side scrolling. It’s boring and this team might be about to fall apart.
  • Miles Adams may have saved a touchdown on this ouster of Zach Earts. Miles stepped onto the field and sliced ‚Äč‚ÄčErts halfway through and that may have called off the timing.
  • I said last week that the lack of an effective pass rush is why I’m not a supporter of Pete Carroll and John Schneider leading this rebuild. Well, to counter my own argument, a win like today is what should mark Pete and John’s favour. The 2022 class looks special in ways that reflect how 2010-2012 put it together. We’re seeing two starting-caliber offensive tackles, a potential All-Pro corner, a valuable slot corner, and an exciting Novice Pioneer rushing back. We’re still not sure about the pass dash with Boye Mafe but he showed some promise. The Seahawks are 3-3 in large part because they finally earned a draft class making the kind of immediate positive impact that shapes future contenders. Seattle had a Super Bowl caliber team in 2012 because Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright Russell Wilson, etc. have been playing at a high level in a year or two. They had these guys in abundance and had very few of them in recent Seahawks classes. We’ve gotten something similar in six weeks from Bryant, Woolen, Cross, Lucas, and Walker already. If we continue to see this kind of exciting development (hit and loss record cursed), I think even the most diehard pessimist has reason to be optimistic, yes, post-Russell Wilson won’t be a grim picture of fading importance. A victory like today is how Pete and John can re-acquire the reputation they established early in their tenure in Seattle.

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