Terrifier 2 has some fans vomiting in movie theaters, producer warning about horror flick

Borders are simultaneously the horror genre’s best friend and worst nightmare. Sometimes, backtracking reinforces fears in a special way. In other cases, such as terrifying 2 And its predecessor, the deadlier and more terrible the better. The New movie release It certainly pushed the limits to the extreme, to the point where the producer issued a warning about a horror flick that was said to cause audience members to vomit and/or faint.

This story that is gaining momentum all weekend comes from USA Today (Opens in a new tab). It seems social media has been buzzing about the recently opened sequel to the cult hit wriier/director Damian Leone. horrifying. A lot of these reactions include tales of people having somewhat extreme reactions to the return of Art the Clown and the intense gory that saw the sequel remaining in the Top 10 for Box office results last weekend.

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