The 10 Smartest Decisions You Make in a Shaking Movie

Oftentimes, horror fans get frustrated with the bad decision of the character within the movie. They feel as if their mistakes could have been easily avoided, leading to frustration with the general narrative. Audiences tend to have a hard time when they see solutions that the characters don’t even notice.

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To be fair, there are many classic horror metaphors that have led to horrific, brutal deaths. If the film’s protagonists had avoided a few classic blunders, these killings could have been prevented altogether. The audience prefers when the characters in slasher movies make smart moves.

10/10 Never rely on the police

Usually, survivors assume that if they call the police, their problems will be over. However, law enforcement is known to be unable to deal with the killers, as evidenced by Halloween 5. Two officers followed the group at Loomis’ request to assure them that nothing would go well.

However, Michael Myers defeated them easily, making a brutal mural of their bodies. Although a local deputy almost beat Bubba Sawyer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2was ultimately equally ineffective in suppressing the cannibal clan for good.

9/10 Don’t dress like a killer as a joke

The Scream The franchise makes one of the worst horror decisions ever. After hearing the brutal ghost killings, several young pranksters donned the mask and impersonated the mass murderer themselves. As a result, it became difficult to distinguish between a fake killer and a real one. In addition, it was mentally exhausting for accident survivors.

in Halloween 5The young man’s decision to impersonate Michael Myers gave officers pause before the shooting. As a result, Myers had more than enough opportunity to close the distance and kill both of them.

8/10 Stay in densely populated areas

One of the best decisions in a horror movie is to stay together in a densely populated area. Many assassins feel very uncomfortable to approach multiple targets simultaneously, such as black christmasBilly. Even powerful assassins like Michael Myers were almost disoriented when an angry mob attacked them, suggesting just how well a coordinated group of ordinary people could resist.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. for example, A Nightmare on Elm StreetFreddy Krueger completely skips over a well-protected victim since he visited them in their dreams. HillriceThe Pinhead is also too powerful to be stopped with conventional weapons.

7/10 Avoid irresponsible people who make the killer’s job easier

While staying together is generally a good idea, it’s also important to get to know the people who may put them all at greater risk. For example, the processor from Nightmare on Alam Street 3 He insisted on forcing young men to sleep through medication regardless of their warnings against Freddy Krueger.

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Charlie Sanden also put his family in incredible danger along the way Cleansing By allowing a man who has been actively hunted into their dwelling. This eventually led to the death of his father and almost his entire family.

6/10 If you have to fight a killer, don’t make a killer attack

When placed in a corner, many horror heroes make the mistake of trying to kill their attacker. While their death is certainly a desirable outcome, they have reliably proven to be so permanent that this never works. On the contrary, it puts the hero in greater danger with minimal reward.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions. during Texas Chainsaw MassacreSally managed to hit Leatherface’s leg with his own saw. This gave her the time she needed to escape without exacerbating the danger she was already in.

5/10 Determine the “type” of the killer and work around it

Many horror killers do not kill at random. If possible, they have a ‘type’ that they will prioritize, which is a weakness that can be exploited. The attack on other victims may continue, albeit at a lower frequency and intensity.

for example, baby playChucky was obsessed with Andy, friday 13′Jason Voorhees rarely leaves Crystal Lake, and Freddy Krueger focuses mostly either on the children or on the Springfield parents who first killed him. By identifying who the killer tends to target, it becomes easier to devise ways to confront them before they strike in the first place.

4/10 Sometimes it’s better to run than to beg for shelter

Originally Halloween In the movie, Laurie takes to the street in hopes of evading Michael Myers. She had spent a long time knocking on doors and begging them to let her in while Boogeyman approached.

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However, given that Myers walks everywhere he goes, Laurie had much better luck just to run in a straight line away from him. The same reasoning applies to Leatherface, which was hampered by a massive chainsaw and its size.

Oftentimes, there will be a warning before the killer’s evil has a chance to reproduce. For example, a character may have heard about Frank Cotton’s demise in the local news, which would have made it much easier to anticipate a cenobite invasion of Hellraiser 3.

Likewise, Michael Myers has been a legend at Haddonfield for over 40 years and attacks almost exclusively one season out of the year. This makes it especially easy to avoid, as people only need to spend a few weeks out of town while it’s rampant.

2/10 Do not trust strangers

It’s a bad idea to trust strangers, especially in horror movies. for example, Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Hitchhiker attacked Sally and her friends, which foreshadowed future evils to befall them by the Sawyer family.

The man pursued by the polite commander in Cleansing Perhaps he wasn’t evil, although he was initially willing to take the Sandin family hostage in order to ensure his safety. Sandins had no idea if he was even involved in the purge, which made it especially dangerous for them to have him in their residence. Get out The Satanic Society is the best example of why strangers are not to be trusted even though they are casually related to Chris’ girlfriend.

1/10 Don’t assume the killer died just because he was shot

Horror enemies are known to be superhuman, surviving things no normal person should be capable of. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are excellent examples of this, and both are rumored to have abnormally high durability.

However, even “human” killers like Leatherface and Gustavis survive the attacks beyond reason. Skin Face withstood a shotgun blast and saw through his torso, while Ghostface survived multiple gunshots to the chest. Admittedly, Ghostface’s survival was due to a flak jacket, but it testifies to why the killers were not underestimated or presumed dead.

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