The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on October 18, 2022

We have our Moon in Leo; What could possibly go wrong? Leo. All the best, all the talent … Ah, Leo, Leo, oh Mio, oh Leo, Leo.

Here’s the thing with Leo when he’s in our moon transits: There are going to be personal clashes going on today that will be amazing, to say the least.

We could have the Ego Olympics today, as there will be many, many contenders for the title today October 18, 2022.

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Today is the day we know we are right, and we know that if we disagree with him, we move on. Nobody can disagree with us today, and if they even tried, oh boy, oh boy, would we ever let them get a piece of our minds!

We’re not looking at how to make sense, today, nor are we even trying to balance things out. We’re farther out of balance now than we have been in months, and for some zodiac signs, the presence of the Moon in Leo is probably the polar opposite of all we need.

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For now, we need balance and calm, and during Moon in Leo, we’ll have excess drama and emotional outbursts.

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