Top 10 father-son couples in movie history

Marilyn Monroe’s new polarizing Netflix movie Blonde He maintains an air of mystery about the Hollywood icon’s absent father. But not every movie dad is as terrible as it is. Some of them are great parents, like Sonny Koufax in big daddyor at least doing their best, like Steve Zissou aquatic life.

From Marilyn and Nemo V Finding Nemo Marty and George McFly in Back to the future Henry Jr. and Henry Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeThere are many spirited father and son dynamics in the movies.

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10/10 Marty and George McFly (Back to the Future)

Marty McFly has a very unique role in Back to the futureHe must act as a pilot for his father to ensure he wins his mother’s heart when his time travel antics get in the way of their first meeting. In 1985, Marty believes he has nothing in common with his vulnerability-obsessed father.

But when he first bumped into a teenage George in 1955, they were both making the exact same movements at dinner, rubbing their heads and thinking about their drinks. As he learns throughout the movie, he’s not much different from his old man after all.

9/10 Clarence and Clifford Worley (True Romance)

Tony Scott romantic movie full of vitality real romance It is basically a romance that revolves around Clarence Worley’s fictional love affair with Alabama, a escort hired by his boss to keep his buddies. But there is also a great dynamic between father and son.

While on the run from his former employers in Alabama, Clarence knows he can count on his father, Clifford, for his warm hospitality. When Clarence and Alabama move in and knock out the mobsters, Clifford would rather be killed than sell his son.

8/10 Sonny Koufax & Julian “Frankenstein” McGrath-Gerrity (Big Daddy)

After his early classics establish his immature character between man and child, Adam Sandler offers a warm angle to that character’s development in big daddy. Sonny Koufax is a recession evader stuck in stunted development and finally has a reason to grow when the son of his estranged roommate shows up on his doorstep.

Played by Sprouse’s twins, Julian McGrath-Gerriti – or “Frankenstein” as Sonny calls him – he quickly becomes enamored with his father’s new look. Sonny may not be Julian’s biological father, but he loves him as if he were his own son.

7/10 Simba and Mufasa (The Lion King)

Loose reimagining of Disney villageAnd the the king lion, replaces all main characters with animated lions. Destined to inherit Mufasa’s father’s kingdom, young Simba is horrified when he witnesses Mufasa’s murder at the hands of his evil uncle, Scar.

Mufasa continues to guide Simba on his journey from beyond the grave. When Simba becomes an adult and loses his way, Mufasa appears in the clouds to offer some wisdom in time.

6/10 Ray and John Kinsella (Field of Dreams)

When it comes to movie discussions about fathers and sons, field of dreams It’s bound to be one of the first titles to appear. Kevin Costner plays Ray Kinsella, who is deeply sorry that he did not reconcile with his father John before his death.

After building a baseball field in his backyard for ghosts, Ray meets his father’s spirit. After introducing John to his wife and daughter, Ray and his father have one of the most tearful endings in film history.

5/10 Steve Zissou and Ned Plimpton (Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou)

There are no perfect parents in Wes Anderson’s business. Royal Tenenbaum ignores all but one of his children, Mr. Fox endangers his family with a life of crime, and Steve Zissou has ignored his son’s existence for decades.

But at least Steve makes an effort later in life. When contacted by his estranged son, Ned, he hires him to join the crew of the oceanographic documentary, and makes a concerted albeit misguided effort to reach out to him.

4/10 Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi)

Originally star Wars Darth Vader was presented as a faceless embodiment of pure evil. Empire strikes He glimpsed the man under the mask and revealed that he was Luke Skywalker’s biological father. And the Return of the Jedi Bring it back to the side of the light.

Luke saved the galaxy by refusing to give up his belief that there was still goodness within his father. Vader abandoned the dark side, killed the Emperor to save Locke, and in his last moments looked at his son with his own eyes.

3/10 Vito and Michael Corleone (The Godfather)

Vito Corleone was introduced as a strong crime leader in the beginning The GodfatherBut it turns out he has a soft side. He has let most of his relatives get into the family business of organized crime, but he wants to keep his veteran son Michael upright and narrow.

ultimate tragedy The Godfather It is that Michael becomes a murderer and eventually takes his father’s place as the head of the family. Against Vito’s wishes, Michael ends up just like him.

2/10 Marilyn and Nemo (Finding Nemo)

Pixar’s action-adventure movies are always about something that can be deeply connected. higher about sadness Toy Story related to resistance to change, and Finding Nemo It relates to every parent’s fear of losing their child. When Marilyn’s son Nemo is taken from him, he will do anything to get him back.

Over the course of his dizzying journey across the ocean to be reunited with his son, Marilyn deals with his own mistakes as an arrogant and self-absorbed father.

1/10 Indy and Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

After the first two movies prove that Indy is a lone wolf, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade He introduced fans to his estranged father. The Threequel is a delightful coworker about a grieving father and son on the run from the Nazis.

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery share an authentic father-son chemistry, characterizing both hilarious comedic moments like arguing while chasing a motorbike and moving dramatic moments like saving his father’s life with the Holy Grail.

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