‘Warzone 2’ gear – How to get gear during a match

Warzone 2 Gear is very hard to come by. This is a big change from how they worked in the last game, where you can pool money together to buy them from the Buy Station. Now, there is a bit more to it, and there are a few different ways to get your gear Warzone 2.

To get gear in Warzone 2-You have three options. Some will require you to battle AI-controlled fortresses, while others will task you with risking encounters with enemies to capture supply drops. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to weigh the risks, and whether it’s worth it for your loadout, or whether you should stick with the ground loot.

Whichever method you choose, get gear Warzone 2 It will give you a huge advantage over your opponents. First, you will get perks, some of which will allow you to deal explosive damage, or get a Sprint tactical upgrade. Here’s how to get gear Warzone 2.

How to get gear in Warzone 2

Warzone 2. Credit: Activision Blizzard.

There are three main methods you can use to get your loadouts in Warzone 2. The first method is by using purchase terminals. For 5,000 cash, you can purchase the primary weapon from one of your loadouts. This doesn’t give you a full loadout, but it will give you the primary weapon and its attachments.

Next is the strongholds. There are three in each game, and they are marked on the map shortly after you land. They have AI fighters, and they are hotbeds for early skirmishes with other players. It’s a very dangerous method, and definitely the hardest way to get gear Warzone 2. However, the advantage of this method is significant. When you finish a stronghold, everyone on your team will get their loadout.

This chest will become a gear drop once the stronghold is cleared.

You just need to go inside, making your way to a box where the bomb can be disarmed. Once you do that, you can eliminate the enemies in the vicinity. After you do this, the chest will become a loadout pickup for you and your team to use.

Gear drops will appear in the middle of the game.

Finally, we have gear drops. These are marked as yellow chests on the map, and occur about halfway across the map. catch? Well, everyone can use them, so they are very busy.

Should you go get gear in Warzone 2?

Now for the big question, should you care to go gear in Warzone 2? It’s a tough question, but it gets simpler when you look at how to do it Warzone 2 compared to its predecessor. in war zoneMost players have loadouts by the end of the game. in Warzone 2, that is not the case. While Perks give you an advantage, the stakes associated with AI Strongholds are extremely high. Load drops are somewhat safer, but still very busy. In solos, this is a no-brainer, but in squads of three or more, it’s hard to get in and out without a fight.

In general, you should loot the cash and try to buy your primary weapon from the purchase stations. You can do this twice until you have two good weapons. If you want more action, you can try Strongholds, but only if everyone on your team is ready to fight. In the end, gear isn’t as game-changing as it used to be war zoneso do not expand your team to fight for them.

Warzone 2. Credit: Activision Blizzard.
Warzone 2. Credit: Activision Blizzard.

How to set up custom gear in Gunsmith

Finally, let’s take a look at setting up a custom gear. You will need to do this in the Weapons tab before the match. The custom gear setting will allow you to customize what you get in the game with gear drops. Pay special attention to your primary weapon, as it can be easily purchased at the purchase station.

Once in the gunsmith, find the custom gear tab. You may find a selection of gear already there. You can either modify existing ones, or click the “+” symbol to add your own and build from scratch. You should also rename your main gear so that it is more accessible in the game. You don’t want to be sorting through menus while catching a gear drop, especially if it’s visible to everyone on the map.

That’s all you need to know about getting gear Warzone 2. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Warzone 2 weapons list.

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