Why wouldn’t there be a scary possession movie like The Exorcist

Based on the very loosely reported case of Anneliese Michel, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) rushes very quickly through the dramatic story of a 21-year-old German woman who is doused to death to elicit the same public sympathy that the audience feels for Reagan. This is the most obvious defect in the original turnover of possession. Director Scott Derrickson uniquely describes it as a courtroom drama, in which Laura Linney’s attorney defends a pastor (Tom Wilkinson) who performed a ritual that went wrong.

The film maintains a very disturbing mood and leaves open the question of whether Emily (Jennifer Carpenter)’s accidents were the result of undiagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy as it turns out. From 1975 to 1976, Anneliese Michele, who is named Emily in the movie, was subjected to 67 exorcisms. German bishops later retracted the possession classification, finding that the woman had died of malnutrition and dehydration from exorcism sessions. The two Roman Catholic priests who performed the ritual were convicted of negligent homicide, as was the mother. This movie could have made a little more realistic and a lot less rush this movie is scary and memorable, maybe on par with Exorcist.

Two of the most disturbing and suspenseful possession films focus not on a traumatized child, but rather hardened adult detectives, one from a city murder squad, the other in private practice. in He fell (1998) The distinguished demon is Azazel. Exhausted from being a scapegoat to bearing the sins of atonement, this demon can possess people by just touching, jumping from one body to another. Thus he escapes the death penalty to continue an incomplete killing spree. The film stars Denzel Washington as John Hobbs, who nearly defeats the Old Testament entity by allowing it to possess it.

in angel heart (1987), Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) is an outward-looking private investigator but is actually the consciousness of Johnny Favorite, a jazz-age singer who has sold his soul to the devil for fame, fortune, and dark powers that locals speculate a voodoo priestess, “favorites akin to true evil.” As she wanted to come.”

When it is revealed that Angle has committed crimes to cover up his former identity, Louis Cypher, the same demon played by Robert De Niro, raises the possibility of possession. Cyphre says Angel’s outburst was “hand-guided, of course”. Did Angel commit the crimes of cover-up as a budding favourite, giving his memories to the spirit who truly owns his identity, or was he possessed by Lucifer to commit the crimes of cover-up and incriminate himself? Perhaps the threat of possession couldn’t have been more apparent.

Science and religion, who is the devil here?

Prince of Darkness (1987), directed by John Carpenter, examines possession from a scientific perspective. A group of scholars and students, led by Professor (Victor Wong) and priest (Donald Pleasence) are studying an urn found in a church basement that contains a substance that could be the physical manifestation of the devil, according to an ancient text. , but not by test studies. Mood and atmosphere, everything goes down the drain before doomsday arrives. The film will not stand against peer review.

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