WWE Raw Results: Winners, Scores, Reactions & Highlights from November 21st

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Scores, Reactions & Highlights from November 21st

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    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s coverage and recap of WWE Raw on November 21st.

    We’re in the final stretch before Survivor Series on Saturday, so most of the clips from this week’s show are designed to build and binge pay-per-views.

    Heading into Monday’s show, the final member of Bianca Belair’s WarGames team has yet to be revealed, but that didn’t stop Asuka and Rhea Ripley from participating in a one-on-one match.

    The weekend show will be the final PPV of the year for WWE. That means everyone will be looking to come out with a bang so they’re in good stead heading into the Royal Rumble on January 28th.

    Let’s take a look at what happened during Monday’s presentation.

Doomsday vs. savage brawlers

1 out of 6

    Kevin Owens opened the show with a promo talking about why he joined the WarGames match. He said he’s particularly focused on getting Roman Reigns out. He finally brought out The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre.

    Judgment Day came to tell the Brutes and McIntyre to return to SmackDown or show them some respect. This led to the first match of the night.

    Kevin Owens joined on commentary while Rhea Ripley and McIntyre stood in their team corners. We came back from a hiatus to see that the contest was made official.

    Sheamus and Damian Priest traded blows until The Celtic Warrior tagged in Ridge Holland.

    Holland suffered significant damage as the opposing team exchanged quick marks to isolate him from his corner. Dunne was placed in a similar situation during the second commercial break.

    OC Dominik stopped Mysterio from trying to escape Sheamus’ clutches, so The Celtic Warrior was able to subdue the young star and win a Brogue Kick.

    Most of the people involved in this match could be considered veterans at this point in their careers and this helped the less experienced competitors look better.

    The pace of the match was good because they gave everyone enough time for a few minutes in the ring. Even Mysterio looked better than usual.

    Winners: Savages

    Class: B

    Notable moments and notes

  • The Brawling Brutes and McIntyre coming through the crowd felt like a deliberate reference to the Shield since we had just passed the 10th anniversary of the group’s debut.
  • “There’s cooking on the stove” should always be Seamus’ motto.
  • Celtic warrior and druid worked well together. It will be a fun feud with some tough matches.

Omos vs. Johnny Gargano

2 out of 6

    Johnny Gargano was expected to face The Miz in the next match, but The A-Lister showed up with his hand wrapped in what appeared to be another fake injury. He said he found a good opponent for Johnny Wrestling before taking out Omos and MVP.

    Gargano attempted some attacking but was soon overwhelmed. The Miz stopped him on the apron, but that didn’t stop him from starting to come back.

    The former NXT Champion knocked Omos off his feet and unloaded him with a series of kicks to the head. The Nigerian giant caught him jumping off the top rope and hit a massive chokehold for the win.

    This match wasn’t much, but it was probably one of the best matches Omos has had on Raw because Gargano makes everything fun.

    winner: omos

    Class: c

    Notable moments and notes

  • There are a lot of people who probably won’t understand what The Miz said about owning a cactus in California.
  • The look on Gargano’s face when Omos walked out was perfect.

Mustafa Ali vs. Austin Theory

3 out of 6

    Seth Rollins and Austin Theory did separate promotions and interviews before former Mr. Money in the Face took on Mustafa Ali in the next match.

    Ali still wrapped his ribs in to sell the injury, so Theory was sure to target his midsection right away with some shoulder taps into the corner.

    The 25-year-old had the upper hand for a long time, but Ali turned him inside out with a Hurricane DDT to give himself a little breathing room.

    Ali hit the 450 spot but was unable to make the cover before Theory rolled off the ring. After he recovered, Theory hit A-Town Down for the win.

    It was a solid match that helped solidify Theory as a dangerous talent pushing forward.

    Bobby Lashley appeared on the big screen and told Theory not to move because he was going to head to the ring during the break. They exchanged a few insults before getting into a fight. The All Mighty no-sold a chair dead, sending him out of the ring. Lashley ended up taking his frustrations out on Ali.

    winner: Austin theory

    Class: B

    Notable moments and notes

  • When the theory is serious and does not act like an immature fool, it is easier to deal with it. The pre-match promo he gave was decent.
  • Hurricane Ali DDT was picture perfect. Theory did a great job of manipulating his body weight to sell the movement, too.
  • The sunset powerbomb they performed in the corner looked awesome. This is an easy move to mess up, but it hits it flush.
  • Lashley got a great reaction and played to it, so maybe he’s not even a heel yet.

Alpha Academy vs. Elias and Matt Riddle

4 out of 6

    Elias and Matt Riddle teamed up to take on Chad Gable and Otis this week. The singer and the Olympian kicked off their teams with a quick exchange of holds and takedowns.

    We came back from breaking up to see Gable in defense against The Original Bro. Once Otis was tagged in and took over, Riddle was the one fighting to stay in the match.

    As expected, Elias was able to regain control of his team after a hot tag, but Otis ended up catching him for a slam dunk against the barricade at the same time as the Gable Suplex Riddle was on the apron.

    Both teams had some close calls, but Elias and Riddle eventually scored the win by hitting the finish line on Gable.

    Overall, this was a relatively standard WWE-style tag team match. Both teams had their time to shine and the combination of Riddle and Elias seemed to be over with fans, so it wouldn’t be shocking if they teamed up for a while until WWE made plans for each man on his own.

    Winners: Elias and Matt Riddell

    Class: B

    Notable moments and notes

  • Elias and Gable had great chemistry. A musician is a better wrestler than many people might think because he doesn’t always work in a technical style.
  • A northern lights suplex at Gable is always a thing of beauty.
  • The gable suplex hitting the apron looked painful. Riddle will be sore in the morning.
  • The way he pulled Riddle Gable out of the ring with the head scissors looked rough.

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

5 out of 6

    Baron Corbin and JBL were playing cards backstage when Drew McIntyre walked in to see what was going on. He ended up punching Corbin in the face and telling him to meet in the ring if he was man enough.

    The one-time WrestleMania opponents clashed after two commercials and some filler, but once in the ring, they battled each other hard.

    McIntyre and Corbin are both known for their power and striking, so there was no chain wrestling to be seen. It was all about leaving as many bruises on each other as possible.

    This match may not be unique, but it was kind of fun. These guys know how to work together and make sure you put in a solid performance.

    Given that McIntyre is on the Survivor Series card and Corbin is not, it should surprise no one that The Scottish Warrior pulled off the win. However, he did so with a slight distraction from Akira Tozawa.

    winner: Drew McIntyre

    Class: B-

    Notable moments and notes

  • JBL’s joke about the World Cup almost made McIntyre laugh.
  • Corbin’s theme would work best on a lovable character.
  • Corbin may not have the largest arsenal of moves, but whatever he does regularly, he does well. He just needs to add a few new tricks to his game.
  • McIntyre has a nice Michinoku driver.
  • The future shock of DDT has never been so good. They miscalculated her a bit.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

6 out of 6

    Judgment Day and The O.C. ended up getting into a massive brawl backstage that spilled into the parking lot.

    When we got back from the break, the two teams in the women’s WarGames match did some promotion before meeting up with Asuka and Ripley for a match. The winning team will receive preference through entries during Saturday’s competition.

    As expected, Ripley and Asuka had a competitive match that allowed both of them to play to their strengths. The Empress of Tomorrow was about to strike, while The Nightmare continued to beat her.

    After some distractions, Ripley manages to score the win with his Riptide.

    This was a solid main event between two of the toughest women on the list. War Games must be a lot of fun if this is a preview.

    The show ended with the two teams fighting at ringside.

    winner: Rhea Ripley

    Class: b +

    Notable moments and notes

  • Ripley showed no harm fighting Mia Yim backstage.
  • The Australian has improved a lot since joining WWE. Watching her go from the little girl in the Mae Young Classic to one of the most badass stars in the entire company has been so much fun to watch.
  • The way Ripley used the ankle lock seemed legitimately painful. She had bent Asuka’s ankle in a strange way.

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