Yes, trope horror movies are absolutely ridiculous – and absolutely necessary

Picture this if you will. The little babysitter hears noises in the basement. Terrified, she came down to check it out…but she doesn’t turn on the lights! disgrace!! Or, the house the family moved into has blood on its walls… but they stay anyway!

These are just two examples of horror movies. Nope, ridiculously silly horror movies. See, a good horror movie manages to keep the viewer engaged enough that the absurdity of the actions of the characters go unnoticed. Bad horror movie? Eye rolls and laughter. Good, bad, it doesn’t really matter: Horror movies exist because, God forbid, if the characters had already done what made sense, there wouldn’t be a movie. evil soul It’ll be over in ten minutes, as it will Horror Amityville. You might be able to do the first Friday 13but after that? But the fact that it is necessary does not mean that it is less absurd.

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Like we’re really not going to that room…

Takes Annabelle: Creation. Twelve years after the death of their daughter, the Mullen family acquired Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six orphaned girls. There is a big condition: do not enter Annabelle’s closed bedroom. This is it. seriously? If you tell a child – or anyone – not to go into a room, what do they instinctively want to do? That’s right, go to that room. How about a little show? “Hey, is that room over there? Don’t go into it. There’s a creepy ass demon inhabiting a doll there.” Oh, well – don’t go there or you’ll tear my soul apart. I get it, I get it. Cue the closing credits.

An “evil spirit” commits a number of horror trope sins

First: Young Carol Ann (Heather O’Rourke) is having a conversation with “TV people”, hidden behind a screen full of static. Weird enough, but then the house shook, and she turned around to say, “They’re here,” everything damn village-Such as. Now, if you’re blessed with kids, you know that they can gossip about the most trivial things, like how their Roblox character is a delicate watermelon. But in horror movies, when they say something in their room, or in their closet, or dream that you’re dying the next day when the wrong radiation from the microwave melts your face, they usually turn to something, so it probably adds a touch more urgency to what they’re saying. “Who is here? They are here? We are not.” he did.

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But of course, the Freeling family remains. Fine. Only then, the chairs somehow stack themselves, the glasses break, and there is a partition in the house that drags things, including people, to the floor. When Steve Freeling (Craig T Nelson(Come home, Mama Diane)Jubeth WilliamsHe invites him to the kitchen. “Check this out, honey cakes,” says Diane (completely paraphrased, if you can’t tell), “This chair can move on the floor on its own! So does our precious little daughter!” Oh, that’s not normal, and it’s always a precursor to something worse. Always. Movie ghosts are never committed to moving things around. So, Freelings now have TV people in their homes, and they don’t have to pass salt and pepper as they pass themselves. And they stay. why? Because the movie would probably not end in one place, but in two different places within the first 20 minutes, if they were normal people from afar.

Here’s another one… Ouija boards

As seen in Ouija And the Ouija: The Origin of EvilIt never serves anything more than a sinister purpose, whether bringing an unwelcome spirit into a room or having someone in the room. And people always want to talk to their deceased loved ones, like how Doris (Lulu Wilson) want to talk to her deceased father in Ouija: The Origin of Evil. Oh, it must be your father because the soul knows his favorite number is seven. He is never the likable one. Since when was he loved? Perhaps the spirit of the winning lottery numbers of $10 million is asked first. If it delivers, you’re up to ten cold mill. If not, close it.

Overuse of basements in general, as seen in “The Conjuring”

Basements, at this point, are an overused trope, even when done well, as in Sorcery. seriously. You hear loud, inexplicable noises downstairs, so your first instinct is to get down on your own, without turning on the lights, and without something in your hand to use as a weapon if necessary? Who does that? He’s not someone with the $10 million I won thanks to the Ouija board. In fact, he’s probably a clown. When was the last time you saw a clown in a movie that was fun and hilarious? Even McDonald’s abandoned Ronald. If I hear a noise downstairs, lights on, baseball bat in hand, and I see some creepy red-nosed weirdo telling me, “We’re all floating in here,” I’ll go. People in horror movies? Maybe you go upstairs, maybe even close the doors, but do you want to leave? Not even on their radar.

Look for the logic in this, if you can. You’re out on a summer camp, and suddenly a freak appears with a knife, like every time Friday 13 movie ever. Do you: a) run through the woods, where you are constantly tripped, or b) run on the nearby road, with less chance of falling on your ass and being stabbed to death? Likewise, you stand in the middle of the road when a killer gets into a car (or a killer car, for example. Christine) is chasing you. Do you: a) run in the middle of the road in a desperate attempt to overtake the car, or b) run through the woods where the car can’t reach you? if you answer a On both questions, congratulations! You are the victim of an angry horror movie, sacrificing yourself to increase your movie showtime!

Presents “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood” split slip

Talking about Friday 13Let’s take a deeper look at one in particular, 1988 Friday the 13th Part Seven: The New Blood. The Friday The movies have a foundation built strongly on horror movie codes, but in this movie we have two examples of absurdity. The first is the tried-and-true social group representation: Slut, Jock, Nerd, and Virgin, with Stoner and Telekinetic Teen posing well. They’re all near the good old Crystal Lake, in celebration of Michael (William Butler) birthday. Given Crystal Lake’s somewhat questionable history, the average person might look at who was invited as well. If the other invitees have three of the four standard groups, You are She is the fourth, and unless you are the virgin of the group, stay home.

Of course nobody does, which leads to the second metaphor, the split. Two characters running for a skinny dive, two down. One of the characters goes looking for another, and finds Jason (Ken Hodr) Manual labor, becomes number three, and so on, leaving only teenage Telekinetic Tina Shepard (Lar Park LincolnAnd the good guy NickKevin Blair). This is an idea. What if everyone stays together, and when Jason appears, one of the group members may be a victim, but the others have a chance to attack and possibly stop the madness, or at least escape. But no, why would you do something so clever?

The dead killer is not dead

Then there’s the metaphor that doesn’t end the movie prematurely if the movie’s characters have ever seen a horror movie, but stops the second part in its tracks: The Dead Killer Isn’t Dead. Let’s take a look at 2018 Halloween. Michael Myers (James Judd Courtney) He cut off dozens of your neighbors, you caught the killer in your basement, you fatally stabbed him, you set the house on fire, you sent him to hell. Mission accomplished, right? as if. Dude is back. When do they? This is a crazy idea. Myers is on the floor, presumably dead. How about chopping it up? Odds are good, there’s a scythe or a chainsaw nearby, so chop it up, separate the pieces, and you’re done. if he resident I come back, congratulate him on a job well done and give up, because it got real. In this case? number Halloween kills or The end of Halloweenwhich were warmly welcomed given the critical response to each of them.

Without the fake horror movie, these movies and more simply wouldn’t exist, or you might have to become something original instead, like Get out. If the characters in these movies have seen horror movies before, they will know that they are falling into a metaphor, which Scream Brilliantly mocks. But most horror movie characters live in a world where there are seemingly no horror movies to watch, and as long as they do that, the painfully obvious course of action will always elude them—no matter how silly and absurd the acts are.

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